Traders and Trees! Game Changer for Minecraft

Hey miners and crafters!

This update includes some new structures, including the trader wagon and large oak trees by De Blauwe Wolf! However, the biggest and most influential change in this update is an upgrade to the way biomes are detected. Using new methods by QuaccDaddy, biome detection is more accurate. This means that each biome will have even more unique structures going forward! From now on, when structures are added, they will only be added to one biome, making that biome even more unique. For example, the trader wagons only appear in grassy clearings.

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Download available to supporters of the Free level and higher.

There is a newer version of the Game Changer!

As there have been changes in way biomes are detected and organized, I recommend you turn off the Structure Generator (button on the back of the machine in the Hub room), then replace the datapack files with the new files, and then turn the Structure Generator on again.

Also, always make a backup of your world before modifying any datapack files!

However, there is still a “default” biome, which has a random chance of spawning structures anywhere that has land. The more biome-specific structures we have, the more I will lower the number of default structures appearing in any biome. For now, the default structures appear fairly often, so that every biome has some structures to be found. Most of these default structures appear underground.

Also of note, the latest Minecraft 1.14.3 update from Mojang broke some of the observer structure loading mechanisms. I have fixed this in places where I found a problem. If you see any other command blocks or structure blocks that haven’t made themselves automatically load and disappear, let me know, and I will fix those.

So overall, this update to the Game Changer 3 is mostly technical, but it will allow for even better structure generation going forward!

Here is the large oak by De Blauwe Wolf. You may even find some interesting things nestled in the branches!

Large Oak by De Blauwe Wolf

Structure Pack creators will want to know how the new biomes work with structure generation. The new biome options are very similar to previous versions of the Game Changer 3, but the available biomes have been simplified to match more closely the actual biome names in Minecraft and reflect the improved biome detection.

Biome folders are located within tyruswoo_gc/data/tyruswoo/functions/sg/settings.
To set the number of structures the Structure Generator should expect in any given biome, modify the UpperBound values located in tyruswoo_gc/data/tyruswoo/functions/sg/settings/settings.mcfunction.

I hope you enjoy!

Your adventuring companion,


Questions or concerns? Check out the forums to ask a question. You may even find an answer there, already!

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