About Tyruswoo Studio

Tyruswoo Studio is an indie game development studio.

We create games and tutorials, and we share free and open source code.


Founder and Creative Director

Hey! I’m Scott, an indie game designer, but you can call me Tyruswoo! I am the founder and creative director of Tyruswoo Studio. My team and I work together in development of high quality content. I am committed to indie game development, as creative freedom is the only way to realize the vision of creative works addressing moral struggles.

My expertise is in story development, collaborative development of gameplay vision, and level design. On this site you can find my plugins and tutorials for RPG Maker, BYOND, Minecraft, and more!

For my scriptural and educational content, visit Tyrus U!


Only you can build your dreams.


I’ve been designing publicly released games and plugins since 2002.

My Base

Born and raised in the United States of America.


On BYOND, I am known as Woo. My profile avatar is a walla, a playable race from my team’s first RPG, Lost Legends.

RPG Maker Form

Created with the RPG Maker character generator, this form expresses my creativity, and is similar to my true form.

Minecraft Form

My Minecraft form is a ninja, and reflects the hardcore nature of my playstyle, and the mystery of my Minecraft creations.

Meet the Team!

Kathy “McKathlin” Bunn

Lead Plugin Engineer/Lead Coder

Lead Pixel Artist

Music Composer & Sound Engineer


RPG Design Instructor

Website Manager

Lead Playtester


Business Mastermind

Level Designer