Terms of Use

I aim for this content and website to be sustainable, so that the projects continue. The purpose of these terms is to support sustainability and improvements.

Do not redistribute: For all my content, if people want to get my content, just direct them to this website.

RPG Maker Plugins

  1. All my plugins may be used for commercial or non-commercial games or projects.
  2. Do not redistribute my plugins. You can use any of my plugins in your game’s executable, but don’t distribute the js file of any of the plugins.
  3. Join at the Design Counselor level or higher, for at least 1 month, to use any or all of my RPG Maker plugins. For lowest initial price, join the monthly plan, or for best value, join the yearly plan.

Crediting is not required, but you may credit “Tyruswoo” or the “Tyruswoo Team,” if you like. I like to know which of my plugins you used for your game, so if you mention your plugin list in your credits, this is appreciated, but not required.

Likewise, a free copy of your game is appreciated, but not required. It is awesome to see the games that have used my plugins! Thank you for considering my RPG Maker plugins for your project!

After you have joined and downloaded, there are many ways to get help:

  • Leave a comment on the plugin’s post.
  • Leave a message in the forum.
  • Send me a direct message.

Mods: You may modify my plugins for your game, including any commercial or non-commercial game. However, do not redistribute any of my plugins, whether the original plugin or your modded version of the plugin. If you would like to post your modifications to my code, you may post your work (not the whole plugin) on the Tyruswoo.com forums on this website. Do not post your modifications to my code on any other forum or website.

Add-ons: If you create a plugin that is an add-on plugin, you may distribute it however you please, whether commercially or non-commercially. By an add-on plugin, I mean any plugin that requires one of my plugins to function, but does not replicate the code from my plugin. This is is similar to how a plugin works on RPG Maker: All of RPG Maker’s code is there and is required, but the plugin adds features. Similarly, with an add-on, my original plugin is downloaded from my website and must be installed as usual, but then somebody can separately download and install your add-on plugin that adds additional features.

In JavaScript, most plugin work can be done as add-ons rather than mods.

Note: An easy way to get additional features for my plugins is to ask me to update the plugins with new features! I update my plugins regularly, and ideas for improvements are always welcome!


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