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What is the Tile Control Plugin?

Tile Control allows you to modify the maps of your world at runtime, while the player is playing!

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With Tile Control, you can accomplish what would be hard or impossible with events alone.

Here are examples of what Tile Control makes possible:

  • Awesome changes in a map, while preserving the great events you’ve already made. (This allows avoiding duplicate maps!)
  • Make a lake, pond, or reservoir fill with water, or drain of water, all within the same map.
  • When an event moves, modify tiles under the event. (Try this with visible or invisible events, your choice.)
  • Wherever a fire moves, make the tiles change to a burnt tile.
  • Wherever a slime moves, make the tiles change to a poison/swamp tile.
  • Make tiles change while the player is watching, such as during a cutscene.
  • Make tiles change while the player is walking around on a map (by using a parallel process event that runs Tile Control plugin commands).
  • Make any game in which tiles can be altered at will by the player.
  • Farming games (plant any crop on any tile you decide is eligible)!
  • Mining games!
  • Any game that involves changing the terrain of tiles.
  • And much more!

Tiles modified during gameplay will be stored in the save file’s memory, so that they remain permanent for that player! Thanks for coding this awesome feature, McKathlin!

Additionally, water, paths, walls, rooftops, waterfalls, and all other autotiles will fit together perfectly! Or, you can place exact shapes of autotiles!

Become a tile master and mesmerize your players! Join at the Design Counselor level to download!

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