Message Control MZ

The Message Control MZ plugin for RPG Maker MZ gives you control of message window word wrap, line count, width, position, text alignment, and color! Also allows you to have selected messages adapt their location based on the player or event’s position! Also change message window margin, and more!

Message Control Plugin v2.0.1 for MZ

Message Control Plugin for RPG Maker MZ - Change Text Window Color

Hey RPG Makers! This update to the Message Control plugin by McKathlin vastly expands the features available for RPG Maker MZ’s Show Text message windows! New Message Control features: And of course, word wrap can still be toggled on and…

Message Control Plugin v1.1.1 for MZ

Greetings RPG Makers! I’m pleased to present the Message Control plugin by McKathlin, for RPG Maker MZ! This plugin allows you to make adjustments to the messages in Show Text commands! This includes: Download Message Control Plugin MZ Get Message…