How to Install Game Changer 3

  1. Make a backup of your world! Just in case. In fact, I recommend practicing installing this on a new world you don’t care about, so that you can be sure you have mastered the installation process.
  2. Download the tyruswoo_gc zip file. Do not unzip the file. Just leave it zipped.
  3. Put the zip file in your world’s “datapacks” folder. (Note: Do not put the zip file in the “data” folder. It must be in the “datapacks” folder.)
  4. Re-load your Minecraft world. You can just close your Minecraft world and then start again. Or, in the chat, you can type /reload
  5. You should be teleported into the Hub room. There, you can modify the settings. For example, to have structures appear in your world, you must press the “activate” button that is on the Structure Generator (blue) module in the Hub room. If you do not press the button, structures will not generate.

Note: If you do not want the Hub room to generate, then make sure you are standing on a crafting table when you re-load your world. Since the Hub room controls will not be available, you will need to activate the functions you want by typing into chat. For a list of options, type the following:

/function tyruswoo:help

I hope this helps clarify the installation process!

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