Doom Mode Blues

Hey Minecrafters!

These last weeks I have worked on improving the danger experienced in the Game Changer’s doom mode. I’ve made some improvements, but overall I’ve been frustrated with the results, so far. I noted that there weren’t enough mobs appearing in the world when playtesting, which really limits how dangerous doom mode can feel. I am rather certain that this mainly is associated with Minecraft having an arbitrary limit imposed on the number of mobs that can spawn, and how this interacts with the Structure Generator and Mob Transformer mob spawns. Minecraft’s mob spawning code is likely meant to keep Minecraft running smoothly for computers with limited specs, but has resulted in insufficient mob spawns currently in doom mode.

I’ve tried several solutions to overcome this. For example, I tried making my own mob spawning functions. These work, but the processes are intensive enough and run frequently enough that they cause the game to slow down, which makes them untenable for inclusion in the high-intensity experience that doom mode is meant to be.

I expect that the persistent mobs I have been placing in structures—especially on the tops of castles and towers that appear in the sunlight—has been a key factor in causing Minecraft to overly quickly meet its mob limits, and decide to spawn fewer mobs nearby the player. I expect these persistent mobs inside structures have caused doom mode to feel devoid of adequate mobs. Therefore, I intend to change all structures to refrain from using persistent mobs. This will take a fair bit of re-preparation of structures, but I believe it will be worth it in making mob spawns feel like normal again, with mobs spawning nearby the player even when the Structure Generator is active.

Going forward, doom mode will need to work within these limitations. If mob spawns near the player can be normalized again, then doom mode can still make modifications to the mobs, or flat out replace one mob with a different mob, in order to make the mobs more difficult and interesting! However, summoning additional mobs will likely only result in normal spawning behavior if one mob is eliminated for every mob summoned. Therefore, the Mob Transformer’s current settings functions will need to be modified to result in transformations only, rather than new summons that keep the earlier mob.

Associated with looking into these mob spawning blues, I’ve also noted that a hilarious but unfortunate glitch is happening, in which any polar bear that appears naturally in the world results in polar bear riders being summoned, whose polar bear steeds then result in even more polar bear riders being summoned, with some randomness of when the cycle is completed, but often resulting in polar bears being found in abundance near the forest castles, for example.  This obviously is not helping the lag and mob limit situations! This will be one of the first changes I will be putting out soon.

Thank you to everybody who has supported this project! Thank you also to all those who have shared my videos with friends or asked your friends to join! Your support makes this project possible, which means a lot to me and my team.

I hope you all are enjoying the 1.15 snapshots! Bees, baby!

Also, if you haven’t seen Antvenom’s new music video, “Fight for My Life,” check it out! It’s rad!

Remember, only you can build your dreams!


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