Thank You Sea Pickles! Game Changer for Minecraft

Hey Minecraft Bee Lovers!

The GC3 is now on Minecraft 1.15! (If you want the GC3 for 1.14, please see the previous posts.) This means you can find structures while enjoying Minecraft’s bees of unusual size!

The Game Changer 3 for Minecraft 1.15 snapshots is included as an attachment to this post. To install, download the file and place it (still zipped) in your world’s datapacks folder.

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Download available to supporters of the Free level and higher.

There is a newer version of the Game Changer!

This update is also a technical update. Minecraft’s latest snapshots have introduced a technical feature called “predicates.” Predicates actually existed in loot tables previously, and were used by QuaccDaddy to provide much improved biome detection of the GC3 for 1.14, with functions he contributed to this project. Huge thanks go out to QuaccDaddy for the improved biome detection!

How to Use Predicates for Biome Detection in Minecraft 1.15

However, one of the latest snapshots somehow broke the functions, which may either be Mojang’s intention or a bug. Regardless, Mojang introduced a way to use predicates without requiring the use of loot tables. This means that we can figure out which biome a command is found in, just by using an “if predicate” syntax within an execute command, so we don’t need to summon an entity anymore. The entity that has borne the burden of biome detection for us has been the sea pickle item. Thus, the sea pickle can now enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Big thanks go out to all the sea pickles who sacrificed for the cause! We will never forget you. #ThankYouSeaPickles


Looking forward, we can now use predicates for even faster, more lag-free biome detection! Hooray!

Also, be sure to look for the new Notch statue in your world!

Remember, only you can build your dreams!

Your adventuring companion,


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