Game Changer 3 for Minecraft 1.16!

Hey Minecrafters!

The Game Changer 3 for Minecraft 1.16 is here! Most of the structures are the same as the Game Changer 3 for Minecraft 1.15, but now you can play in 1.16.4!

Download the Game Changer 3

If you would like to download the Game Changer 3 for 1.16 for your own world, the datapack is available for download!

How to Install

To install, simply place the zip file (still zipped) in your Minecraft world’s “datapacks” folder.

Video Announcing the GC3 for 1.16

About the Game Changer 3

Of note, although this Game Changer 3 datapack does not currently implement technical features of Minecraft 1.16, these will be used as needed in the future. I have not yet been able to reproduce most of the Game Changer 3’s functions using 1.16 methods, and therefore the functions for structure distribution are used. To the extent that the new 1.16 methods may be utilized to improve the pack without compromising the project’s features, I intend to improve the pack.


Spruce wood forts can generate using the Game Changer 3!
Taiga village with challenging structures and enormous trees generated by the Game Changer 3!

The Game Changer 3 includes the new spruce fort structure!


I hope you enjoy the structures! If you would like to support this project, please join as a Warm Fuzzy, and then send me a message to let me know your interest in Tyruswoo Studio’s Minecraft content!

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