Scripture Mastery Anki Deck

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to share here the Scripture Mastery Anki deck I worked on in the spring of 2011, in the first year after I graduated from college. Current Seminary students study Doctrinal Mastery, which began in 2016 and has a different list of scriptures (some of which remain the same). The Scripture Mastery Anki deck download here contains the scriptures used prior to the change.

This Anki deck, as with all my religion content, is free.

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To install:

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Inside Anki, go to the File menu and select “Import…” Find the file to import.

Note: With my Scripture Mastery Anki deck, you will sometimes be challenged to quote scriptures, and the first letter of each word will be shown. This is because some of the letters are white on a white background, which makes letters invisible. If you don’t remember a word or phrase from the passage, you can highlight a portion of the passage to reveal the text!

The spring of 2011 was an interesting time for me! I went on dates with young adult women who lived in the community, but despite this effort, didn’t develop any close relationships. And for about a month and a half, I used my free time after work to work on this Scripture Mastery Anki Deck.

During this time I didn’t have a car, so I would run to and from my job as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), while the crows would fly down from the power lines each morning and follow along behind me, nearly pecking me as I ran. I drew a graphic of this daily occurrence on the whiteboard at the home where I lived with roommates, and I labeled it “Crow Runner.” Since I ran to and from work and lifted people while at work, I became the most fit of my life so far, without any such intention. One day I got home from work and looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “Huh! I have 8-pack abs.” After which I might proceed to play StarCraft II on my computer, or StarFox 64 on my roommate’s Nintendo 64.

When I think of the most spiritual times of my life, this time working on the Scripture Mastery Anki deck was one of them. As a nursing assistant, I was taking care of extended family members of prophets. I studied the scriptures for most of the day after work as I was getting the Anki deck ready to share.

Unfortunately, AnkiWeb doesn’t host decks for longer than 6 months, so I would need to always be using Anki to keep my profile current in order for the deck to stay there. For this reason, I am releasing it here, so that you will always have access to it and a way to share it with your friends who may have grown up with the Scripture Mastery program!

I hope you enjoy and feel the joy of faith and the Spirit’s guidance in your life!


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