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What is the Follower Control Plugin?

A pro upgrade for RPG Maker MV!

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Here are a few things you can do with Follower Control:

  • Make cutscenes in which party followers move and interact with each other, without needing to resort to using events to stand-in for the followers. Just select the desired follower, and then use the Set Move Route command!
  • Make a balloon icon or animation appear over any follower!
  • Make a “ghost” follower by changing a follower’s opacity (using Set Move Route)!
  • Change a follower’s pose! This has a similar effect to using the Change Actor Image command, except using Follower Control poses, you can change a follower’s pose without even needing the actor ID! This is perfect for games that allow the player to choose their party members dynamically.
  • Use the this.path plugin command to make any character (including any follower or any event) pathfind to any coordinates, event, or follower.
  • Use this plugin with common events to create party movement patterns that occur when the party enters a new map, or sleeps at an inn, etc!

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