Notch Statue! Game Changer for Minecraft

Hi Minecrafters!

Just wanted to let you know about what I’ve been working on lately for Minecraft! First of all, I felt like Notch needed some love after having his splashes removed from the game, so I made a Notch statue! It can appear sometimes in the world.

The download with the Notch statue randomly generating in the world will be available from my next Minecraft post.

Spruce Fort by Tyruswoo
Spruce Fort Fusion Structure, In Progress

Also, I’m working on a new fusion structure. Some players have reported that they would like an easier mega-dungeon than the Crypt, for discovery at lower levels. So, I’ve been working on a wooden fort that will include procedurally generated rooms. The basic idea for the walls and towers of the fort in shown in the attached image. Each of the walls and towers is planned to have not only randomly selected rooms coming off of it, but also some central/larger rooms, buildings, or special structures to be located inside the fort.

If you have any suggestions for good content for a low-level mega dungeon, let me know! This wooden fort is likely to be found in forests, including snowy and non-snowy spruce forests, and also in other forests such as oak or birch. I may include variations of the fort for different types of forests, depending on how the forts look with other wood types. I’m targeting this first fort to look good in a snowy spruce biome.

Happy Thanksgiving to all others in the USA! Your craftin’ buddy, Tyruswoo 

Update 11-16-2019: Biome detection has changed, in a good way! Now it is much more straightforward to detect biomes, using the “/execute if predicate run…” command. Since a recent snapshot introduced a bug in QuaccDaddy’s biome detection method (which we’ve been using), I’ve switched biome detection to use predicates. This is more straightforward, and much more likely to be supported by Mojang going forward. However, this change results in upcoming versions of the GC3 structure generator only being compatible with Minecraft 1.15 snapshots and the upcoming 1.15 release.

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