How do I change which structures are generated by the Game Changer 3?

There are many reasons to want to change which structures are generated by the Game Changer 3. Here are some possible changes:

  • You want to remove specific structures, while keeping most structures.
  • You want to remove all structures from a certain biome.
  • You want to add your own structures, while keeping the already included structures.
  • You want to replace all structures with your own structures, so that only your own structures generate, all in appropriate biomes. (This is the original reason the Game Changer was designed; to allow people to make their own structure packs.)

All of these goals can be accomplished. The Game Changer is made with the intent for it to be easy for you to modify its functionality!

Where do I find the files to change? (Learn this first.)

If you want to change which structures appear, you will need to modify the files in this folder:


Open the above folder, so you can see the contents. Notice that each biome type has a folder. Also notice that there is a “settings” mcfunction file.

For example, you will see that in the “mountains” folder there is a file named “1“. This file will sometimes run in mountainous terrain, generating a structure; if you open the “1” file, you can see that it generates a tower structure.

How do I remove structures?

In the above example just mentioned, if you want to remove the tower, just delete the “1” file. The same goes for any structure; if you want to remove a structure, just delete the associated mcfunction file. Each mcfunction file has a number, so you will have to open the file to see what structure it generates.

Please note that also in the “settings” folder, there is a “settings” mcfunction file. If you change the number of structures in a biome, you may want to modify “settings.mcfunction” to indicate how many structures the Structure Generator should expect within each biome’s folder. (There are a few clever uses for this, too: If you want to have very rare structures in only a certain biome, you can increase the number of expected structures for that biome, within settings.mcfunction. This is a common strategy to get fewer structures in the end void biome or in ocean.)

How do I add my own structures?

You can also add structures by modifying these files. Here is how:

  • To add a structure, you must add an mcfunction file to the desired biome’s folder (or the “default” folder to make the structure rarely appear in any land biome). You can have up to 1000 structures for any given biome, and each of the structures’ .mcfunction files need to be numbered, “1.mcfunction”, “2.mcfunction”, “3.mcfunction”, etc.
  • Also make sure you add your .nbt structure file to the datapack, under your namespace folder. (You may want to create your own namespace folder, if you haven’t yet.)

If you have any further questions about how to modify the structures that generate in the Game Changer 3, please contact us.

Enjoy the Game Changer 3, and make your Minecraft experience your own!


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