McKathlin’s Portfolio

Kathy “McKathlin” Bunn is a software engineer who is the lead programmer for all plugins. She writes RPG Maker plugins in Javascript, and below you will find all RPG Maker posts announcing plugin updates by Kathy!

Additionally, for plugins designed and originally written by Tyruswoo, Kathy has reviewed those plugins and provided bugfixes, efficiency enhancements, and otherwise cleaned and improved the code.

Kathy independently develops a classic RPG generator known as Stories from Danger’s Den, which generates RPGs that run on the RPG Maker game engine. The generated RPGs are similar in style to an NES-era Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy game, albeit with gameplay length similar to a short story. Kathy creates code, art, music, creative vision, design, and all aspects of development for this independent project, though she has included some music additions from others, to increase variety in music for this project that emphasizes replayability. Kathy’s experience creating Danger’s Den results in her having a thorough understanding of the RPG Maker engine.

Kathy is also the Director of Programming, Art, and Music for a different RPG project in which the entire Tyruswoo Team is involved. In other words, Kathy is the talent behind the original code, art, and music of the project. The project is currently in closed alpha development, and the project details are not yet announced publicly.

In addition to RPG Maker plugins, Kathy has completed various software projects and artistic endeavors. For Kathy’s other content, see McKathlin’s site:

Tile Control v4.0 for RPG Maker MV

Hey RPG Makers! This update fixes several bugs in the Tile Control plugin for RPG Maker MV! We recommend updating to this revision, as the following bugs have been corrected: Fixed bug that was keeping A5 tiles from being placed…

Game Over Plugin v1.3 for RPG Maker MZ

Hey RPG Makers! I’m pleased to present the Game Over plugin by McKathlin, for RPG Maker MZ! This plugin allows you to change what happens when game over occurs! The following features are included: Choose any common event to run…