How to Load HUGE Structures In One Structure Block!

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Using the Nested Structures technique, we can compact even HUGE structures into just a single structure block!

There is no longer any need to be limited by the 32x32x32 maximum volume of a structure block. Make structures that are any size you want, and store them (nested) within a single structure block!

Redstone for Nested Structures

Nested structures were originally made possible with the introduction of structure blocks in Minecraft 1.10. The following video was made in Minecraft 1.11 and shows how to use this technique to compress enormous structures into a single structure load block!

Observers for Nested Structures

Update: May 4, 2017

Observer blocks offer a great alternative to the ways we link nested structures together! In this video, I show how to create nested structures using observer blocks!

Functions for Nested Structures

There is another even more bug-free way to link nested structures.

The bug that most commonly occurs with nested structures, beginning in about Minecraft 1.14 and onward, especially with large nested structures, is this: Sometimes a structure block and command block will get placed, but then not activated when the observer block is placed! Ick! That’s a gross bug!

Functions avoid this bug by containing all information to both place a structure block and load the structure block, all within one function, all contained in a single command block. That way, if the command block appears at all, it will run the function, which also erases itself, eliminating the evidence of our nested structures loading magic.

I use the function managed nested structures technique to spawn large and complex structures for the Game Changer, including structures such as the Crypt. Without using functions for nested structures, the Crypt would leave creative-only blocks scattered around the survival experience.

How to Make Function Managed Nested Structures

  1. For function managed nested structures to work, a function must be prepared for each structure to be placed. The function should do the following:
    • Place a structure block (with data containing the structure name and relative coordinates).
    • Use a redstone block to load the structure block.
    • Clean up: Erase the structure block, command block, and redstone block.

Here is an example command for placing a structure block with data inside (as of Minecraft 1.16 command syntax).

setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:structure_block{name:”tyruswoo:crypt/udnesw”,mode:”LOAD”,posX:-6,posY:0,posZ:-6}

Note the structure name, structure block being in load mode, and the structure’s coordinates relative to the structure block.

  1. Inside the command block, type the command to run the associated function that will load the appropriate structure.
  2. Make sure the command block is in “Always Active” mode, at the time when you same the structure piece.
    • Caution: For this to not run the function while you are preparing the command block, make sure you build the structure pieces in a world that does not have the associated functions!
  3. Save the structure pieces, including any pieces that have nested command blocks.
  4. Transport the files to the world where you want the nested structures to generate, and be sure the functions are present in that world to run the command block’s associated function for linking the nested structures.
  5. Once this is all complete, loading in the first structure piece will cause the always-active single-use (orange) command block to run the function as soon as the command block is placed (i.e. when the command block appears nested within the first structure piece).
  6. Congrats! You have a nested structure using functions! This is the most bug-free way to make nested structures!

The results of this technique are excellent in that the same function can also erase the evidence, and there are never any bugs of creative-only blocks (structure blocks or command blocks) left behind unactivated. In function managed nested structures, observers and redstone torches are not needed.

Thanks for Your Help!

Thanks to all for the feedback on nested structures!

Videos originally recorded in Minecraft 1.11.

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