The Crypt! Game Changer for Minecraft

Hey Minecrafters!

The Overworld just got a little spookier! This update adds a new enormous procedurally generated dungeon, the Crypt!

The first fusion structure, the Crypt, adds 64 unique structure pieces to be found, including rooms, hallways, stairs, pits, enemies, and treasures. Individual tombs generate, as branches from the rooms and hallways. The crypt is procedurally generated so that each time it is unique. Even if you’ve found all 64 structure pieces, the tombs, enemies, and treasures are randomized, so that each instance of the Crypt has its own layout and surprises. The Crypt is currently about as common as abandoned mineshafts when using the maximum structure density.

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There is a newer version of the Game Changer!

The Crypt is balanced to be a fairly early dungeon experience, so I expect you’ll be able to handle it with iron gear, if you are careful. Just watch out for the tombs hidden behind corners! It’s easy for enemies to sneak up on you in this place!

Here are some screenshots!

If you want to generate your own crypt, you can! Here is the command:

/function tyruswoo:sg/fusion/crypt

Here are before and after sreenshots for what it is like using the command. But, if you don’t see a crypt appear after using the command, look underground, as it may not have breached the surface.

Crypt, before and after generation.

I’ve eliminated most of the bugs in generation, but there are definitely still some idiosyncrasies—but that’s what Minecraft generation is about, right? Let me know if you experience any bugs in generation.

Enjoy! Remember, only you can build your dreams!

Your adventuring companion,


P.S. Strange things in the tombs in the snowy domain…

Snow golems in the Crypt

Questions or concerns? Check out the forums to ask a question. You may even find an answer there, already!

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