Bug Report and Sneak Peek! Polar Bear Riders!

Hey Minecraft Adventurers!

Vote for this bug to be fixed, to help us get Polar Bear Riders! Also, get a sneak peek at my HUGE Ice Spire structure prepared for natural structure generation!

Help the polar bears! Vote for this bug to be fixed!


Update: I found a way to get around this bug, by using command blocks that run summon commands, nested within the structure. So we can have Polar Bear Rider mobs! Yay!

Also, the new Mob Transformer component of the Game Changer allows for us to make Polar Bear Riders as a random mob in the wild. Be careful using this, though, because the bears will remain, even after the enemy riders de-spawn.

The Mob Transformer can also be used to generate other types of unique mobs to generate in the wild!

Want to build and share your own structures for natural generation? You can! Join as a Design Counselor to be invited to my creative world, where we build structures together!

Video recorded in Minecraft (Java Edition) release version 1.11.

Only you can build your dreams!


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