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Get all plugin downloads for RPG Maker MZ and MV! This includes all versions of Tyruswoo and McKathlin’s plugins: Follower Control, Tile Control, and so much more! Don’t underestimate the awesomeness of McKathlin’s Switchable Text plugin! You also get all our BYOND libraries! Plus, you and 3 friends join the Tyruswoo Minecraft Server, and you get access to the forums and support!

Design Counselor

Play + Plugins!
$ 10
  • Pro Plugins & Updates
  • Join Minecraft Server 4-pack
  • Forums & Comments
  • Priority Support
All Plugins!

Design Counselor

Play + Plugins!
$ 10
  • Pro Plugins & Updates
  • Join Minecraft Server 4-pack
  • Forums & Comments
  • Priority Support
All Plugins!

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Priority Support

The Tyruswoo Team will do our best to make sure the content is working for your project. We have high standards that ensure the greatest chance of compatibility with content by other creators. For fast support, please submit your question or concern at the Forums. You may even find an answer there already! Live chat support is also available on this site when you are logged in, when Tyruswoo is online. Become a member at the Warm Fuzzy level or higher to receive priority support!

Forums & Comments

The Forums are a great place to share game design techniques, submit suggestions for improvements, and contribute to the community! You can find answers to your questions, and can ask a new question it hasn't been answered, yet. You can also view comments on my blog posts, and write your own comments. Participation in a community of game designers is one of the greatest assets of membership at the Warm Fuzzy level and higher!

Join Minecraft Server

Members of the Warm Fuzzy level or higher can join the Minecraft server hosted by the Tyruswoo Team! We play survival on the latest release of Minecraft, running the latest version of the Game Changer, Mob Transformer, and Structure Generator! Experience procedurally generated dungeons that challenge your Minecraft skills! Make faster minecart rails than you've ever seen before, and craft copper chainmail that resists poison and the wither effect!

Pro Plugins & Updates

Members of the Design Counselor level or higher gain access to my plugins and code libraries! I update and improve upon my work regularly, including new downloads, released first on my Blog, and organized in my Portfolio. You may use the downloads for commercial use, if you like. No credit is necessary after you have contributed to me financially. See Terms of Use for details. For immediate access to all my plugins, join now as a Design Counselor!

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