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This update adds a new feature, but it will probably feel more like a bugfix than a new feature. Previously, the ability to select a follower by name actually selected the follower according to their current name, not their database name. This could result in some bugs (for example, if the player can rename actors to the names of certain named guest actors). This update fixes that issue!

Download Follower Control Plugin MV

How to Install

  1. Please be sure to save the file as a .js file!
  2. Then, place the file in your project’s “js” folder, in the “plugins” folder.
  3. Open your project, and go to the Plugin Manager to add the plugin.

Additional Information

Note: If you actually still want to select followers based on their current name (instead of the database name), you still can! I suppose this could be used to make a secret name that has special effects in the game, if the player decides to name their character that name. Other than that, I can’t think of any special use for this option, but it is available. So there you go!

For just about everybody, this probably will result in no changes necessary in your project, and the same effect. However, if you allow the player to rename actors, you will want to download and install this update, to prevent accidental strange eventing bugs to occur if a player has two actors with the same name, such as a main character with the same name as a guest actor. If your project does not allow renaming of any actors, then your project doesn’t need this update.

Here are the complete update notes, which can also be found in the js file, and clarify how to use this feature.

Update Notes from the Help Documentation

Follower Control v1.11.1 Update Notes

Modified feature: There are now two ways to select a follower by their name. You can select a follower by their actor's name, as listed in the database. By default, followers will be selected based on their actor's name in the database. For example:
Follower Shompta
The above searches the followers, and if a follower's actor has the name "Shompta" in the database, then that follower is selected.
You can, if so desired, still search for an actor based on their current name. The only reason to use this method is if you want special things to occur only when an actor has a special name that the player has entered in. For example, either of the following will select a follower who is currently named "SecretCode".
Follower CurrentName SecretCode
Follower Current_Name SecretCode
If a player has indeed renamed an actor to be named "SecretCode", then the follower associated with that actor will be selected.

Happy RPG making! You guys are awesome!

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