Find Move Route! Follower Control v1.09 for RPG Maker MV

Hey RPG Makers!

This update adds a script call that can be used inside of Set Move Route, to make the currently targeted follower take 1 step towards a target location, event, or follower.  In this way, you don’t even need to know where the followers are located, and you can still make them walk exactly where you want!  This is great for getting the followers into their positions for a cutscene!

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Download available to supporters of the Design Counselor level and higher.

There is a newer version of Follower Control!

Make sure the plugin is saved as TYR_FollowerControl.js so that it works.

TYR_FollowerControl.js v1.09 is also included as an attachment to this post.  If you download it from the attachment, make sure you save it as a .js file.

Description of New Features in Follower Control v1.09:

A new script call was added, which can be used within the Set Move Route command to make any follower pathfind to any coordinates on the map, to any of the current map’s events, or to any follower.

  • First, select the desired Follower.  Then, within the Set Move Route command, use one of these scripts:

this.path(17, 5)

This finds the path towards x coordinate 17, y coordinate 5.  Replace 17 and 5 with your desired coordinates.

this.path(“event”, 3)

This finds the path towards Event 3 on the current map.  Replace 3 with your desired event’s ID number.

this.path(“follower”, 2)

This finds the path towards Follower 2.  Replace 2 with the desired target follower.

  • For whichever of the above pathing arguments you use, the player or follower will only move one step each time you call the script.  You can use the script as many times as you need, in order to make the player or follower step toward the target for that many steps.
  • Note: This script call also works for events.  Just use the script call within Set Move Route.
  • Note: This script call has no variability, so it always finds the straightest path, and will always yield the same result every time.  (This is different from the “Approach” movement type, which has randomness, producing variability.)

I hope you enjoy!  Remember, only you can build your dreams!

Your Adventuring Companion,


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