Golden Dragon 4-Way Rail Intersection!

Hi Minecrafters!

This tutorial covers how to make a 4-way rail intersection, with overhead direction selection panels, survival-mode friendly design, compact redstone, and lots of decoration space! Designed with bidirectional double rails.

Video Contents:

Part 1: Introduction

  • 0:00 Intro & Demonstration
  • 1:03 Welcome & Explanation
  • 4:15 About Bidirectional Double Rails

Part 2: Foundation & Rails

  • 5:18 Required Resources
  • 5:44 Preparing Location of Intersection
  • 12:25 Placing the Rails

Part 3: Lower Circuits

  • 15:59 Powering the Track Loop
  • 16:45 Setting Turns to Default Directions
  • 19:13 Turn-Switching Mechanism
  • 20:39 Memory Cells
  • 23:39 Memory Reset
  • 28:51 Powering the Exiting Tracks

Part 4: Upper Circuits

  • 32:07 Direction Selection Panel
  • 33:23 Powering the Entering Tracks
  • 35:48 Going Backward
  • 39:20 Musical Interlude: Excerpt of “Four Elements” by McKathlin
  • 43:11 Going Right
  • 44:27 Going Left
  • 47:02 Going Straight

Part 5: Conclusion

  • 49:31 Completed!
  • 50:22 Decoration Possibilities
  • 52:50 Handling Stray Minecarts
  • 54:15 Closing Remarks
  • 55:22 Thanks for Watching!
  • 55:58 Ending Sequence

Hope you enjoy!


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