Flying Badger Item Elevator!

Hi Minecrafters!

In this redstone tutorial, we create an item elevator that I call the Flying Badger!

This item elevator is excellent for survival gameplay, and includes the following features:

  • Input items at any height!
  • Automatic item detection
  • Infinite height expandable design
  • Compact 3×4 footprint
  • Cheap resource cost
  • Decoration-friendly
  • Optional lights
  • Optional on/off switch
  • Bug free and lag free!

Although other item elevators may be notorious for bugs or known to cause lag, the Flying Badger design avoids lag and errors by using a hopper clock, avoiding torch burn-out and glitch-utilizing mechanisms, and making optimal use of standard redstone mechanics. This item elevator is reliable and built to last!

Special thanks to McKathlin for use of her music, including “Four Elements”!


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