Bumblebee Item Sorter and Silos!

Hey Minecrafters!

In this video we cover the features and tutorial of how to build my new item sorter design, the Bumblebee! It expands on the Rattlesnake item sorter by adding silos, with up to 12+ chests per silo! It also includes a double Flying Badger item elevator, and an optional item disposal! Bug free, as always!

Video contents:


  • 0:00 Opening Music
  • 0:08 Explanation of Features

Main Tutorial

  • 8:11 Item Elevator Foundation
  • 12:49 Silos Foundation
  • 14:28 Bug Prevention: Powered Input Hopper requiring Block Removal
  • 15:05 Silos Main Build
  • 25:10 Sorter Circuitry
  • 29:47 Sorter Calibration
  • 35:42 Item Elevator Main Build

Bonus Features

  • 40:43 Auto-Furnace, Overflow Chests, Blinking “Eyes,” and Decoration
  • 44:39 Adding 12-Chest Storage for Silos
  • 47:35 Disposal Unit
  • 50:55 Disposal Circuitry and Pipes for 12-chest Silos
  • 55:57 Disposal Circuitry and Pipes for 8-chest Silos
  • 1:02:12 Bug Prevention: Torch Flicker requiring Hopper Re-calibration


  • 1:03:36 Links

World Downloads:

The above redstone tutorial incorporates the following designs:

Note that the silos and sorter still function the same with a simpler input design, such as a chest at the level of the item sorter. You could also use multiple inputs in your base, and it will sort and store appropriately, if the inputs enter before the beginning of the sorter. In other words, the Flying Badger item elevator is entirely optional, but looks pretty cool!

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Originally designed in Minecraft 1.8 (Java Edition) release.

Hope you enjoy!


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