2-High Pegasus Portcullis Piston Gate!

Hey Redstone Engineers!

This gate opens to make a 2-block-high space, allowing passage of players, or players riding horses! Its a great finishing touch for your fortress, wall, or prison! Includes an open-gate button and a close-gate button, and optional features include: auto-close at sunset, auto-open at sunrise, lock gate in current position, and a secret button to open the gate from the outside! Bug free, as always!

Note for horses: Be sure to use fences, half-slabs, or other non-suffocating blocks for your bottom row of your gate and for the decorative blocks next to the gate. This way, you can ride your horse through the gate without taking damage. Yay!

I call this one the 2-block-high opening Pegasus Portcullis piston gate! See also the other versions of the Pegasus Portcullis:

Other Pegasus Portcullis Piston Gate Videos:

Thanks to McKathlin for music!

This portcullis design was originally made in Minecraft (Java Edition) release version 1.8.

Only you can build your dreams!


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