Behemoth III Auto-Brewer!

Hi Minecrafters!

Auto-brew any potion, or mixes of potions in one batch. Ingredient detection, full storage detection, clog detection, gradual stop, immediate stop, music notes on potion completion, and optional cycle monitor lights (progress bar) all included. This bug-free brewing station is designed for optimal ease-of-use for pure survival and sharing with friends.

Also see this quick video to add a bottled fluid flow regulator:

This quick addition of a pulse delay allows us to manually unload potions from the brewing stand, without water bottles ending up in the product chests! This makes turning the auto-brewer on and off again with the gradual stop a more useful feature, because if we make just three potions, we can go ahead and take them out when they are finished. And if potions are left in the brewing stand, they will still flow into the product chest each cycle when the noteblocks chime.


Note that when using the schematic, the pulse to the droppers may need to be re-calibrated, depending on the position and orientation the schematic is placed at. Pulse calibration makes ingredients come out in the correct order. For pulse calibration, see this point in the video (16 min 31 sec).

Inspired by a video by TheFruitSmoothie.

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This auto-brewer was designed for the Chronicles of the Three Cities world, a private survival multiplayer ultra hard server I play on with my friends McKathlin, Robman, Shompta, and others. I later built this in survival for our world, and it works like a charm! Like and subscribe to see more of our inventions and creations!

And remember, don’t eat the pufferfish!


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