MiniBee Item Sorter and Silos!

Hey Minecrafters!

In this redstone tutorial, we will make the MiniBee Item Sorter, which is a complete storage system for your items! This item sorter includes overflow protection, inventory indicator lamps, vertical item transport, and an auto-furnace with auto-sorting.

This design is powerful enough for an awesome main base, and small enough to fit in the side of a base’s hallway, or in a mid-sized outpost! Bug free, as always!

The Mini-Bee Item Sorter uses features of some of my other designs, including:

I think this may be my best item sorter for Minecraft, so far! What do you think? Which item sorter do you like best?

Thanks to McKathlin for music!

Added English closed captions on March 6, 2015. Let me know if you like closed captions!

Originally designed in Minecraft release version 1.8.

Remember, only you can build your dreams!


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