Windmills! Game Changer for Minecraft

Hey Minecrafters!

This update includes new structures in the plains, including windmills nestled among crops!

You may also find a farmhouse, a shed, or scarecrows! There are other rare secrets, too! Plus, as a bonus, there are boulders that can appear in the plains!

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Download available to supporters of the Free level and higher.

There is a newer version of the Game Changer!

To install, simply place the zip file directly into your world’s “datapacks” folder.

Fixes include: Decreasing the frequency of the Wizard Tower. Changing the bandit and pirate heads to not use the MHF_Villager head, as this was causing slow structure loading times in spruce forests (and to some extent, oceans) in recent updates; instead, the default Steve head is now used for bandits and pirates.

I’ve included some screenshots!

Remember, only you can build your dreams!

Your adventuring companion,


Questions or concerns? Check out the forums to ask a question. You may even find an answer there, already!

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