Game Changer for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.10

Hey Minecrafters!

Today I introduce to you a new machine, the Game Changer for Minecraft! This creation uses command blocks, structure blocks, and redstone to change how Minecraft works! The Game Changer features the Structure Generator, which allows players to have their own structures randomly generate in the world. The Game Changer also includes bonus features, such as the ability to add hyperspeed rails and change how health and beds work! But the main game changing feature is the Structure Generator.

As you explore your world, let the Tyruswoo Structure Generator automatically place around your world copies of the structures you’ve created! With this Structure Generator, you can take your Minecraft experience to a new level! Now supports up to 500 structures!

The downloads below include not just the Tyruswoo Structure Generator, but also 100 bonus structures already loaded into the machine, to find generating in your world!

The 100 example structures include large veins of ore, ruins of former inhabitants, and new dungeons! Polar bear caves, wolf caves, and mushroom caves, and the bones of huge beasts! Also beware the bandits in the wilderness, and sky pirates in their airships! Floating islands, overrun castles, terrifying obsidian towers, giant trees, and more! And beware miners, for if you mine too deep, you may awake the anger of the nether dwellers, and the Wither itself!

You can also make your own structures, place their Load blocks into the machine, and generate your own structures as you travel around your world!

How do I install the Game Changer and Structure Generator?

This version of the Game Changer only works with Minecraft (Java Edition) release versions 1.10 and 1.11.

There is a newer version of the Game Changer!

Files to download:

  1. In order for the machine to work, you must first download emeraldfyr3’s Random Number Generator. The file must be named RandomNumberGenerator.nbt. (After you’ve downloaded and unzipped the structures folder below, simply place RandomNumberGenerator.nbt in the structures folder.)
  2. Next, download the Tyruswoo Game Changer, which was last updated 12/18/2016. Select the appropriate download below, depending on whether you will be playing Minecraft (Java Edition) 1.11 or 1.10. Note that the download includes a “structures” folder and a “loot tables” folder.

For Minecraft (Java Edition) release version 1.11:

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Download available to supporters of the Free level and higher.

Note: If the downloaded file does not include .zip after the name, do not worry. The file is still a zip file, and you must unzip it in order to install it.

For Minecraft (Java Edition) release version 1.10:

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Download available to supporters of the Free level and higher.

Note: If the downloaded file does not include .zip after the name, do not worry. The file is still a zip file, and you must unzip it in order to install it.

Be sure to unzip the files prior to installation.

To unzip the .zip files, you can use 7Zip or WinRar.

Caution: Make sure that you only have one structures folder. If there is a second structures folder inside the first structures folder, then the installation will not work, and you will get a message that “Tyruswoo_GameChanger is not available” when you try to load it from a structure block.

Further details of how to install are included in the video.

Change log (updates):

  • 6/10/2016: Removed most of the lag.
  • 6/11/2016: Added structure Density options (Dense, Normal, Sparse).
  • 6/11/2016: Added Structure Pack support.
  • 6/11/2016: Added Structure Mods support. (Note that the community has not utilized this feature yet, to my knowledge.)
  • 6/12/2016: 500 structures now supported! You’ll just need to download the latest update and then pull the extra lever on the right of the Structure Generator room! Only 100 structures included so far. All those who have structure packs they would like to share, please post here!
  • 6/14/2016: Removed more lag. Command blocks should spam servers less.
  • 12/18/2016: Now supports structure generation in Minecraft 1.11!

How do I protect my base from structures generating in it?

The Tyruswoo Structure Generator scans every chunk and gives it a chance to spawn a structure. This also applies to the chunks your base is in, if you’ve been playing in the world prior to using the Structure Generator.

Before you turn on the Structure Generator, use the following command at your base to protect it from structures generating there:

/fill ~-90 0 ~-90 ~90 0 ~90 minecraft:barrier 0 replace minecraft:bedrock 0

This protects an area of about 180×180 blocks. You must use this command at your bases before you start the machine.

Note: The above command works in Minecraft (Java Edition) 1.10 and 1.11.

Credits and Thanks

Builders for the 100 example structures include Tyruswoo, Shompta, and McKathlin.

Special thanks to emeraldfyr3!

Special thanks also to Sparks, the creator of Gamemode 4, for helping me figure out how to reduce lag!

Reviews of the Game Changer

English: Review by Logdotzip

Portuguese: Review by Joba Craft.

Thank you to all others who have played and reviewed the Game Changer!


Have fun exploring the structures! And if you want, make your own structure pack to use with the Game Changer!

Remember, only you can build your dreams!


Questions or concerns? Check out the forums to ask a question. You may even find an answer there, already!

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