Game Changer 3 for Minecraft 1.14/1.13 (Alpha Release)

Greetings all!

This marks the return of many features of the original Game Changer, plus many new features, as well! All of these can be modified from the Game Changer 3 Hub (shown in the screenshot), which auto-installs!

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Download available to supporters of the Free level and higher.

There is a newer version of the Game Changer!

How to Install: Download the attached zip file, and place it in your world’s datapacks folder.

Also, here is an early access video!  It covers the features in the Game Changer hub. I hope you enjoy!

This video will become public on Tuesday, March 26th.

Features of the Game Changer 3 include:

  • Structure Generator: Includes Density settings, Biome Caves options, and a Protect function to keep your base(s) safe from structure generation.
  • Mob Transformer: This can modify any mob into any other mob. This can be used to give mobs special characteristics. Currently, it increases the speed of zombies and gives creepers a 10% chance of spawning in as charged creepers. I intend to do much more with this, so let me know if you have a custom mob suggestion!
  • Hyperspeed Minecart Rails: Very fast rails for the ultimate railway! Requires a powered rail on top of a treasure block (gold, iron, emerald, or diamond), on top of a magenta glazed terracotta arrow pointing the direction to give a hyperspeed boost.
  • Sleep Options: Default sleep, 1-Player Sleep, Never Pass the Night, Always Night, Always Day.
  • Health Display when pressing Tab, and above other players’ heads.
  • Ultra Hard Core (UHC) Health: Natural Regeneration On is the default and allows eating food to restore health. Turn Natural Regeneration Off to only allow healing from magic foods/potions or beacon effects (Ultra Hard Core health).
  • Doom Mode: Activate at your own risk!

I will keep improving on each of these features, but the Structure Generator and the Mob Transformer are the main two modules that you can expect to receive major updates. If you have suggestions for improvements or for other modules, or if you have a bug report with anything in the Game Changer 3, please let me know!

This project is still in alpha snapshot stages! The main reason for this is that many more structures are needed to get to the desired variety of structures. Also, there is a lot of untapped potential in the Mob Transformer.

I hope you enjoy!

Your Adventuring Companion,


Questions or concerns? Check out the forums to ask a question. You may even find an answer there, already!

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