Game Over Plugin v1.3.1 for RPG Maker MZ

Hey RPG Makers!

I’m pleased to present the Game Over plugin by McKathlin, for RPG Maker MZ! This plugin allows you to change what happens when game over occurs!

The following features are included:

  • Choose any common event to run when the player’s party dies!
  • Choose whether the Game Over image (scene) is shown!
  • Choose any common event to run after game over finishes!

Download Game Over Plugin MZ

How to Install

  1. Download the file, and unzip it.
  2. Make sure the unzipped file is named McKathlin_GameOver.js and is saved as a .js file.
  3. Open the file folder of your project. Place the file in your project’s “js” folder, within the “plugins” folder.
  4. Open your project in RPG Maker MZ, then go to the Tools menu and select Plugin Manager. Use the Plugin Manager to add and activate the plugin.
  5. I recommend you place this plugin toward the bottom of your plugin list, so it has high priority.

Why Use the Game Over Plugin?

In many games, party death or other game over does not result in showing the title screen. If you want your game to make something else happen with game over, then this plugin is for you!

Example ways to use this plugin:

  • Automatically reload the most recent save file!
  • Return the player to a safe place and recover the party HP.
  • Transport the player to a prison cell of the antagonist, remove all other party members, and make the player break out of prison and rescue the other party members!
  • Have an event run that gives the party a permanent boost to maximum HP.
  • Remove some of the party’s gold and/or items. (You could optionally make those items obtainable again, somehow!)
  • Have the party’s rescuer say something.
  • Or anything else you want to happen!

How to Use the Game Over Plugin

The plugin has a few plugin parameters that control how the plugin affects game over. These include:

  • Party Death Common Event
  • Show Game Over Scene
  • After Game Over Common Event

Party Death Common Event

Use this parameter to set which event occurs when the party dies. Of note, this occurs before the Game Over scene.

Also keep in mind that the Party Death Common Event only occurs if the all party members die, but does not occur if the game over event command runs.

Show Game Over Scene

This parameter changes whether the Game Over image is shown. The Game Over scene shows an image that reads, “Game Over.” By default, the game over scene occurs when the party dies in battle, or when the game over event command activates. If you do not want the game over scene to show, you can set this to false.

After Game Over Common Event

Use this parameter to make a common event happen after the game over scene. Note that if the game over scene was not shown, this common event will happen after a fade to black. The After Game Over Common Event runs when the player is back on the game’s map.

Also note that the After Game Over Common Event happens regardless of the reason Game Over occurs. If the party dies in battle, or if the game over event command runs, the After Game Over Common Event will occur.


If you have an After Game Over Common Event, make sure you do the following:

  • The screen is black, so this is a good opportunity for transfers, changing party members, or any other eventing that should occur when the screen is black.
  • Use the Fadein Screen event command to make the map visible again! The Fadein Screen event command is found in Tab 2 under the Screen heading.
  • Because you used the Fadein Screen command, the screen and map are now visible, so this is a good opportunity for eventing that you want the player to see.

If you use the After Game Over Common Event, remember to use the Fadein Screen event command during your common event!

Help Documentation

McKathlin Game Over Plugin for RPG Maker MZ
v1.3, released 10/10/2020
Description of Plugin:
This plugin is designed to play well by itself and with other plugins. There are no known conflicts, but conflict is possible with other plugins that directly alter Game Over behavior.
Parameter: Party Death Common Event ID
Assigning a Party Death Common Event replaces the usual Game Over scene call with a common event call. This lets you (the game designer) make something happen instead of (or before) the standard Game Over screen.
Here are some pointers:
- The Party Death common event will run in the same scene where the party was just defeated. If the party died in battle, the common event will run in battle, right after the party-is-defeated message and music effect. So if you want to make something happen after a slow fadeout and return to the map, I recommend using the After Game Over Common Event instead.
- If you would like the Game Over screen (or a fadeout and cut to the map if “Show Game Over Scene” is false) to show at the end of your common event, remember to use the Game Over command in your common event. Avoiding the Game Over screen is easy: avoid calling the Game Over command.
- Directly calling the Game Over command from any event will still show the Game Over screen normally (unless you’ve set Show Game Over Scene to false). To force your custom party death behavior, use a command that calls your party death common event instead.
Parameter: Show Game Over Scene
RPG Maker’s default behavior takes the player to Scene_GameOver on party death or on a scene processing call to Scene_GameOver. This processing shows a Game Over screen. After the player sees the screen and presses any key, the game exits to the title screen.
If Show Game Over Scene is set to false, player will see a fade to black before going to the next scene. This will be the case regardless of whether Game Over state is reached by party death or by a direct command in an event.
Whether or not the Game Over screen shows, which scene is next depends on whether the After Game Over Common Event is set, and what it is set to.
Parameter: After Game Over Common Event ID
TL;DR: If you set this common event, remember to make it include a fade-in!
Assigning a After Game Over common event makes gameplay continue after the party loses, instead of RPG Maker’s default behavior of returning the party to the title screen.
In the content of the common event, the game designer can customize what happens when the party dies or reaches an event-dictated Game Over state. The After Game Over common event might do some of the following things:
- Take away gold and/or items
- Return the player to a safe place
- Restore HP to one or more party members
- Have the party’s rescuer say something
- …anything that suits this game!
IMPORTANT: When control flows to the After Game Over common event, the screen will start blacked out. This gives the event time to handle transfers and other processing before showing the player the screen. Once those things are ready, remember to fade in!
The After Game Over Common Event (AGOCE) differs from the Party Death Common Event (PDCE) in the following ways:
- The PDCE runs instead of or before the Game Over screen or fadeout; the AGOCE runs after the Game Over scene or fadeout completes.
- The PDCE only automatically replaces Game Overs caused by party death. The AGOCE autoruns after all Game Overs, regardless of their cause.
- The PDCE runs in the same scene where party death occurred. The AGOCE runs in a newly started map scene, with the screen faded to black, and the party leader revived to 1 HP.
Plugin command: Reload Last Save
Use the Reload Last Save plugin command to make the game reload directly from its most recent save, without passing through a load game menu. If the player has not yet saved, then the player is instead returned to the Title Screen.
This plugin command may be useful in a Party Death Common Event, in an After Game Over Common Event, or in any event of the developer’s choice.
Version History:
v1.3: 10/10/2020
- Game Over plugin released for RPG Maker MZ!
Enjoy the plugin!

Big thanks to McKathlin for this Game Over plugin for RPG Maker MZ!


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