Message Control Plugin v1.1 for RPG Maker MZ

Greeting RPG Makers!

I’m pleased to present the Message Control plugin by McKathlin, for RPG Maker MZ! This plugin allows you to make adjustments to the messages in Show Text commands! This includes:

  • Use word wrap in Show Text dialogue boxes. Word wrap can be easily turned on and off, which is great for spoony bards that spout poetry!
  • Adjust the height of text by a set number of pixels.
  • Adjust where text sits on the line by a set number of pixels.

Download Message Control Plugin MZ

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How to Install

  • Download the file, and unzip it.
  • Make sure the unzipped file is named McKathlin_MessageControl.js and is saved as a .js file.
  • Open the file folder of your project. Place the file in your project’s “js” folder, within the “plugins” folder.
  • Open your project in RPG Maker MZ, then go to the Tools menu and select Plugin Manager. Use the Plugin Manager to add and activate the plugin.
  • I recommend you place this plugin toward the bottom of your plugin list, so it has high priority.


In Plugin Setting you can adjust whether Word Wrap is defaulted as on or off. You can also adjust line height with Line Height Adjust and where the text sits on t the line with Text Y Adjust.

An example of a simple event with word wrap. Take a gander at the next two pictures to see how it works out.

Normally the text in the red box in the previous picture would be cut off after the faded line. Since word wrap is on in the plugin setting, this is not an issue.

Poetry is better without word wrap. You can disable word wrap just for certain text by using the plugin command. These commands are shown in the orange boxes two pictures ago.

Help Documentation

McKathlin Message Control for RPG Maker MZ
v1.1, updated 6/19/2021
We’ve done our best to make Message Control work easily with other plugins regardless of plugin list order, particularly our plugins, as well as any plugins that provide new escape characters.
However, conflicts are possible with other developers’ plugins if they heavily alter Game_Message, Window_Base, Window_Message, or Window_Help.
Plugin Commands
Turn Word Wrap OFF – Disables word wrap in message windows. When word wrap is off, newlines are honored. This is permanent per save file, until changed by plugin command.
Turn Word Wrap ON – Enables word wrap in message windows. Newlines in editor will be ignored; use
instead. This is permanent per save file, until changed by plugin command.
Text Adjustment
Text Y Adjust alters where text sits on its line. If you notice the font you’ve chosen sits too high on its line, a positive Text Y Adjust can improve its appearance. Or if the text sits too low, a negative Text Y Adjust can correct it.
Line Height Adjust increases or decreases line height by a given number of pixels. If the text in the font and size you’ve chosen looks cramped, a positive Line Height adjust can give it vertical space. Lines per window will remain the same, so increasing Line Height Adjust makes the message window and other text-holding windows taller. A negative Line Height Adjust makes windows more compact; each contained line takes less vertical space.
Word Wrap
When word wrap is turned on, line breaks entered in the editor are ignored, as the message window instead puts line breaks whenever a line is out of space for text.
To make the message window insert a line break in word wrap mode, use the text code
For more help using the Message Control plugin, see
Version History:
v1.0 6/19/2021
– Word wrap.
– Text line adjustments.
v1.1 9/14/2021
– Fixed bug where words longer than a whole line of text sometimes caused the game to freeze when word wrap was on.
– Words longer than 1 line now wrap mid-word.
– Added “Word Wrap Width Percent” parameter, which can be adjusted so that word wrap works correctly for your game’s font.
Terms of Use:
1. You joined as a paying member when you downloaded this plugin. You do not have to remain a paying member to use the plugin you downloaded. However, your support is greatly appreciated, and allows me to continue improving and updating plugins.
2. You agree to not redistribute this plugin. You agree to direct others to if they want the plugin.
3. You may use this for any game for which you are one of the main developers. This includes any commercial or non-commercial game you are creating.
4. Adding “McKathlin and Tyruswoo”, “Tyruswoo Studio”, or “Tyruswoo Team” to your game’s credits is greatly appreciated, but not required.
5. Likewise, listing which Tyruswoo Team plugins you used is appreciated, but not required.
6. A free copy of your game is awesome, but not required.
Happy storytelling!

Big thanks to McKathlin for her Message Control plugin for RPG Maker MZ!



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