Fully Automatic Brewing Stand Machine, the Behemoth!

Hi Minecrafters!

This video showcases my first redstone build, the entirely automatic brewing stand redstone machine, which I call the Behemoth! With just a switch of a lever, this brewing station brews basically endless potions!

The circuitry involved with the complete machine is reviewed in detail, including a modification of EthosLab’s hopper timer, a modification of the brewing station discussed by UnbreakingIngot, as well as my handy automatic-off mechanism that is triggered whenever potion ingredients run low! This machine always succeeds in brewing the potions correctly (no bugs!), with just the flip of a switch, allowing completion of other tasks at your base while potions brew automatically, with no fears of accidents or wasted resources!

This totally automatic brewing station was made in survival in a world with the Health Regeneration gamerule set to false (similar to “ultra hard core” gameplay), so healing items such as potions have a high value! After spotlighting the automated brewing stand, we also take a quick look around the starting area of the survival world, including the awesome savanna plateau mountain biome of this large biomes world!

The end of the video also shows a simple but very effective three-ingredient survival mode semi-automated brewing stand in a 3x4x1 area! Since it is so compact, it is easy to see how to build the compact semi-automatic brewing station for any survival world!

Special thanks go to EthosLab and UnbreakingIngot for their videos that were so much help for this project!

Seed (savanna plateau mountains): 3660962312259261679

Also check out my new and improved auto-brewer!


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