How to Make a Title Screen in RPG Maker MV

Hey everyone!

I’ve been wanting to continue my RPG Maker tutorial series, so here is another video! In this video, we cover the built-in features of RPG Maker MV that make it quick and easy to customize your title screen!

Video: Title Screen Basics In MV

There are lots of RPG Maker tutorial videos out there, but my previous tutorials have been especially appreciated by those who are new to the software, so this video continues that style. If that sounds like you, great! Check out my other RPG Maker tutorials and see if you like RPG Maker! You can get the software on the official RPG Maker MV website or at RPG Maker MV on Steam!

If you are experienced with RPG Maker, this tutorial will seem very basic, but hey, you may get some grins and giggles, and some reminiscence for the VX Ace airship music!

Let me know what RPG Maker content you’d like to see in the future! My team can make plugins, tutorial videos, and more!

Hope you enjoy!

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