Woo Engine v.0.1 for BYOND Dream Maker

Hey Dream Makers!

Woo Engine for BYOND Dream Maker: Easy enough for a blob, powerful enough for an archmage!

Woo Engine is a combination of the best of my libraries, put together into one package. This project replaces my Adventure Maker  library, with Woo Engine being the title it will go by going forward.  It continues to be a library focused on unleashing the potential of  BYOND for newcomers and expert game designers alike. Newcomers will find  themselves accessing BYOND’s power with no coding required! Experts will be glad to not have to reinvent the wheel.

Included in this release:  

  • Atom Commands: This feature allows developers to define atom  instances with various properties, including the trigger(s) to activate  the atom’s commands, and what commands the atom will run when activated.  Mobs and objects come with some pre-sets available when placing objects  onto the maps, but all the atom commands are customizable using mob and  obj instances. Basically, this allows for many shortcuts to access  code, from any atom, with various possible triggers. Commands currently  include: Messages (using HUD windows), teleports, change client state  (i.e. change client’s movement type, such as “jump” for platformer  movement, or “move” for pixel/gap-nudge movement), wait/sleep, end game,  etc.
  • Atom Triggers: Atom commands can currently be triggered by  any of the following: the “bump” trigger makes the atom’s commands  activate when a player bumps into the atom; “auto” activates as soon as  the player enters that z level; “once” activates once when the world is  generated, and is currently used by the maptext obj (with the pink  letter icon, as seen in the editor); “start” activates the commands of  the player_start_loc obj, if placed.
  • HUD Windows are included, as shown in the demo. These use  maptext to display the message written in that atom’s commands. They now  also use a client state, one of the Engine’s very important  under-the-hood features.
  • Various movement options are more refined: Platformer  movement includes more jump size variations, based on how long the  player holds down the jump (Spacebar) key. Pixel movement (Gap-Nudge  movement) is implemented as previously, and is the Engine’s default  movement type, though not shown in the Woo Engine v.0.1 demo. Menu  movement is very much improved, allowing for various sizes of menus.
  • Various other sections of code, and many of my graphics and sounds,  are included in the library. This is in preparation for future Woo  Engine updates.

This project continues to be a work in progress, made possible by you!

Thank you for your help and interest!

Your Adventuring Companion,


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