Platformer Maker v.1.3: Electro Power Up

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The new electro power-up allows you to fire pulses to attack enemies! Just find the power-up, then press Enter/Return to attack. Even enemies with hard shells can be defeated with this power-up!

Platformer Maker v.1.3
This update marks a big change in this project’s direction! Originally called “Platformer Movement”, the project is now “Platformer Maker”. This reflects a change in goals for the project. Now all code, interface, macros, art, and sounds will be provided as part of the library. The goal is to make it easy for creators to make a platformer game in BYOND. So, just download and compile the library, and then add your own map! It’s that easy!

Platformer Maker is now known as Woo Engine, and a newer version is available!

See all versions
See all versions

There are also new enemies and a new power-up!  

  • Electro Power-Up: allows you to fire pulses at enemies!
  • Pider: This enemy can be slain by jumping on it, or by shooting it. But don’t let it run into you!
  • Nutty: This enemy can only be slain with an electro pulse. However, it also does not cause you any damage. You can even jump on it  for extra height!

Of course, if you want to make your platformer game unique, the code is all provided as part of the library. That makes this library a platformer starter kit for coders making their own unique mechanics.

Thank you for the support and feedback that has helped me continue this project! Let me know what you think of the update, and any suggestions for future additions or improvements!

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