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When designing your own events, you can have multiple event pages. When there are multiple event pages, the page conditions are used to determine which event page will be active. The highest numbered event page with conditions met will be the active page.

Video Tutorial: Event Pages & Self Switches

Concepts covered include event pages, self switches, autoplay events on map load, basics of cutscenes, and comparison of the erase event command and self switches.

Key Take-away Points

The highest numbered event page with conditions met will be the active page.

Event Pages

  • The highest numbered page has precedence. If its conditions are not met, the next highest has precedence, and so on.
  • Only one event page can be active at any one time.
  • Thinking of event pages as being the states of an event helps to organize the event content.
  • Self switches are an excellent way to make an event change its own event page/state.
  • Chest quick events are good examples of using pages and self switches.

Autoplay Events on Map Load

  • An autoplay event when a map loads can be used for various cool map-loading events, such as cutscenes.
  • Use a self switch at the end of the autoplay event’s main page to set it to an inactive state, if you only want the event to occur once. Or, if you want the autoplay event to occur each time the map is loaded, use the erase event command.

Self Switches vs the Erase Event Command

  • Self switches are remembered even when the map is unloaded and reloaded, making self switches excellent for situations in which something is more permanent.
  • Erase Event is not remembered on map reload, and so allows the event to automatically reappear when the map is reloaded.

Note: Only Self Switches Used In This Video

Everything done in this video was accomplished without even using general switches, variables, or common events!

Playtest Begins at 18 min 40 sec

At 18 minutes and 40 seconds into the video, we playtest what we made!

Special Thanks

Script used: Zeus81’s Fullscreen++. All event commands work without any scripting. Zeus’ fullscreen script assists with providing a better viewing experience.

RPG Maker VX Ace official site.

Thanks to McKathlin for intro and ending music!

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