How to Add Car Traffic! RPG Maker VX Ace

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This is a tutorial of how to add traffic to a city, using custom move routes! We create events as our cars, and have them move forward until they bump into something, at which point they turn. We also make sure cars stay on the road by using invisible events as barriers.

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We also discuss the Game_Map default script, and talk about how we would use tile ID detection if we were to write a script that checks when cars are on intersections, which would allow us to make more life-like traffic movement.

Not mentioned in the video is the fact that Tile IDs can be detected using the “Get Location Info” command; however, this developer anticipates that using it may require setting all cars to run parallel process commands, and that it would be more effective and lag-free to write a script to detect intersections, rather than using the “Get Location Info” command.

To use regions as barriers to car movement, see Yanfly’s “Move Restrict Region” script.

Zeus81’s Fullscreen++ script.

RPG Maker VX Ace official site.

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