How to Make Chests! RPG Maker VX Ace

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Chests can be creating using quick events, and it is also possible to modify chests in various ways! You can select the appearance and sound of your chest. You can also modify the event however you like! In this video tutorial, we cover exactly how chest events work, which can be useful in learning how to make your own events!

Check out this detailed video tutorial!

First we make a basic chest using a Quick Event, and then we take it a step further by customizing the amount of items, the text shown, and the sound effect played. Also, we even cover how to switch the default sound effect for chests, so that every chest made using a Quick Event in the future will already have our preferred sound by default!

This is a video response to a question about changing chest sound effects. Here we show two ways to do so:

  • Change the sound effect for a given chest.
  • Change the default sound effect for all chests made using a Quick Event in the future. This is done by replacing the sound file.

Zeus81’s Fullscreen++ script.

RPG Maker VX Ace official site.

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