Free and Open Source RPG Maker Plugins

Beginning today, all of our team’s RPG Maker plugins are free and open source! You can now freely download any and all Tyruswoo and McKathlin RPG Maker plugins hosted here at Tyruswoo Studio.

Why are we making our plugins free and open source? For a few reasons:

  • Tyrus is now more financially self reliant in his career by day. (However, by night, Tyrus remains a daring game designer.)
  • Contributing our code as free and open source will help the RPG Maker community.
  • Kathy’s excellent coding proficiency will be showcased, with her RPG Maker work more clearly proven for her resum√© as a software engineer.
  • When our games are released, we want to be in the good graces of the RPG Maker community, so that our games are more widely played and enjoyed. (For an example game, see Kathy’s Stories from Danger’s Den!)
  • We are confident you will enjoy using the Tyruswoo and McKathlin plugins, and we are excited to share and see what you create!

All our RPG Maker plugins will have terms of use updated to indicate that the plugins are now free, open source, and can be used in any project, without restrictions. With this change, plugins will also have version numbers updated to a more standard format.

If you would like to modify our plugins and/or redistribute our plugins with your changes, you are free to do so. If you want to contribute directly to development, you can branch the code at the Tyruswoo Studio git repositories or otherwise communicate with Tyruswoo and McKathlin concerning any proposed improvements or changes to the code.

Though our RPG Maker plugins are now free for all to download, they still take time and effort to maintain. We will be grateful for donations. Thank you to all who can afford to donate! Your contributions will help ensure new and improved RPG Maker plugins for all to enjoy.

Our RPG Maker plugins and projects have improved due to those who have purchased the plugins in the past. Some of you purchased recurring memberships and continued to stick with us from month to month and from year to year. For your contributions during our times of financial uncertainty, we are thankful.

Remember, only you can build your dreams!

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