Camera Control Plugin v1.0.1 for MZ

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The Camera Control plugin has finally arrived! This plugin is a step up from the Camera Control plugin for MV!

Download Camera Control Plugin MZ

How to Install

  1. Download the file, and unzip it.
  2. Make sure the unzipped file is named Tyruswoo_CameraControl.js and is saved as a .js file.
  3. Open the file folder of your project. Place the file in your project’s “js” folder, within the “plugins” folder.
  4. Open your project in RPG Maker MZ, then go to the Tools menu and select Plugin Manager. Use the Plugin Manager to add and activate the plugin.
  5. I recommend you place this plugin toward the bottom of your plugin list, so it has high priority.

Watch Any Party Member!

The following plugin commands allow you to have the camera watch the party leader or any party follower!

  • Watch Leader
  • Watch Player
  • Watch Follower 1
  • Watch Follower 2
  • Watch Follower 3
  • Watch Follower 4
  • Watch Follower 5
  • Watch Follower 6
  • Watch Follower 7
  • Watch Follower 8
  • Watch Follower 9

The Watch Player plugin command integrates with the Follower Control plugin for RPG Maker MZ, so you can watch the currently selected follower!

Watch Any Event on the Map!

The camera can also watch any event, using the Watch Event plugin command!

  • Watch Event

You can provide an Event ID to watch a specific event. Or leave the Event ID blank (or use Event ID 0) to watch whichever event is running the plugin command!

Watch a Location on the Map!

Want the camera to stay still? Make the camera watch the map!

  • Watch Map at Current View
  • Watch Map at Coordinates

Having the camera Watch Map at Current View causes the camera to stop watching whatever it was watching (usually the party leader). This can be very useful for cutscenes in which moving the party leader is desirable, but having the camera follow the party leader is not desirable.

If you want the camera to lock on certain coordinates where it is not currently located, you can use the Watch Map at Coordinates plugin command.

Plugin Commands

Plugin commands for Camera Control include Watch Leader, Watch Player, Watch Follower (by marching order), Watch Event (by event ID), and Watch Map (at current view, or at specified coordinates). Note that the Watch Player plugin command integrates with Follower Control.

Plugin commands for Camera Control include Watch Leader, Watch Player, Watch Follower (by marching order), Watch Event (by event ID), and Watch Map (at current view, or at specified coordinates). Note that the Watch Player plugin command integrates with Follower Control.

Help Documentation

Tyruswoo Camera Control Plugin for RPG Maker MZ
v1.0, released 9/12/2020
Plugin commands:
- Watch Leader: Camera watches the party leader.
- Watch Player: Camera watches the player. This defaults to being the same as Watch Leader. (However, this integrates with Follower Control to watch the currently selected follower, if any.)
- Watch Follower 1: Camera watches the party's first follower.
- Watch Follower 2: Camera watches the party's second follower.
- Watch Follower 3: Camera watches the party's third follower.
- Watch Follower 4: Camera watches the party's fourth follower.
- Watch Follower 5: Camera watches the party's fifth follower.
- Watch Follower 6: Camera watches the party's sixth follower.
- Watch Follower 7: Camera watches the party's seventh follower.
- Watch Follower 8: Camera watches the party's eighth follower.
- Watch Follower 9: Camera watches the party's ninth follower.
- Watch Event: Camera watches an event on the map.
- Watch Map at Current View: Camera stops and watches current view.
- Watch Map at Coordinates: Camera locks on given coordinates.
Basics of how to use this plugin:
1. Inside an event, use a plugin command, and select the Tyruswoo_CameraControl plugin.
2. From the dropdown menu, select who/what you want the camera to watch. Now the camera will watch your selected target!
3. After you are done with story or other parts of your game, you may want to return the camera to normal. To return the camera to normal, use the Watch Leader plugin command.
For cutscenes with camera movement, you can create an event named "Camera" that has no picture, has Through On, and has no content. In your cutscene event, use the Camera Control plugin's Watch Event plugin command to target the camera event. Then, your cutscene event can use "Set Move Route" on the camera event to make the camera watch wherever the camera event moves!
- Extra tip: With Set Move Route, you can move the camera event diagonally by using the Move Lower Left, Move Lower Right, Move Upper Left, and Move Upper Right. Now you can have your camera pan diagonally!
Examples of ways to use this plugin:
- During a story scene ("cutscene"), make the camera follow a certain event. This may be a character in the story, or the camera may watch an invisible event that exists to be the camera's target.
- When the camera is watching an event, you can change the speed of the camera's movement by changing the speed of the event. (You may want the event's step Frequency set to "Highest" so that the camera moves smoothly.)
- Use one of the Watch Map plugin commands to target the map. Then, use the Scroll Map commands to move the camera's view from there. When the camera is watching the map, you can move the camera however you like using Scroll Map commands!
- You can watch the event running the plugin command by selecting the Watch Event plugin command, but then leaving the Event ID blank or zero.
Moving the camera's view without this plugin:
You can use the "Scroll Map..." event command within and event's contents. This event command is found in Event Command tab 2, under Movement. This is useful for basic cutscene content. However, there are some drawbacks.
- The Scroll Map event command does not allow for diagonal movement of the camera.
- The Scroll Map event command forces waiting if more than one scroll map event command is scheduled. This can be bad for "escape the dungeon" autoscrolling, in which the player is intended to be mobile while the camera's view is moving.
Version History:
v1.0: 9/12/2020
- Camera Control released for RPG Maker MZ!
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