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Hey everybody!

Patreon designated today as #ThankYouPatrons day, so I just wanted to write a few words to say thanks! As you know, my content revolves around creating tools that you can use to create your own dreams. As a result, all my content focuses around providing customizable tools and detailed tutorials, with a handful of fun and a dash of inspiration. Thank you all so much for sponsoring this content! Your support makes this content possible!

Back in February of this year, I was considering whether I could even keep hosting my content online, or whether I needed to abandon some projects. The Minecraft Game Changer was on the chopping board, since the GC2 was received with much less enthusiasm than the GC1, making the 100s of hours involved seem, well, wasted. Meanwhile, I also had created some RPG Maker plugins, and was maintaining those online, but the experience of sharing and maintaining the plugins was not meriting the work required. I was considering that perhaps I needed to cut back on the number of projects I was maintaining, and just focus on my indie game with my team.

But I thought we’d give it a last shot with Patreon, to see if people wanted to support these projects. And you did! We met the support goal to keep all these projects up and running, and updating to latest versions of their software. Most of you designated your support as being for Minecraft or RPG Maker. The Minecraft Game Changer was updated to 1.14 and is currently being updated to 1.15. The RPG Maker Follower Control and Camera Control plugins have been kept current and available, with updates based on your suggestions. It is all thanks to you who are supporting these projects that we are able to continue. Thank you!

What is next? Again, it depends mostly on the support we receive. I am hopeful that as the content improves and expands, that more people will support the projects. When my team makes something you think is awesome, please share with your friends, so we can grow and make even more great content!

Here are some goals I have for the coming months:

  • Continue to maintain content for current versions of the software.
  • Create in-depth tutorials for how to use each piece of content. These tutorials will be available to supporters. Showcase videos will be available to the public, so you can share them with friends, but the in-depth tutorials will be for supporters.
  • Create new and improved content. This includes incorporating suggestions from the community. Possibilities include new plugins, support for more versions, more options for customization, and much more. All these ideas are possible with enough support to bring on McKathlin and the rest of my team into these projects. 
  • Improve I would like to make my website more of a hub for content, including making it easier for me to add blog-style posts there, making it possible for people to become supporters directly through the website, and perhaps a community forum. I have a goal of regularly releasing new content onto the website, and making it easier to find tons of content on the site, and producing more content to go there.
  • With enough supporters, I hope to bring my team member McKathlin onto more projects. She is my team’s professional software engineer and artist, and I plan to enlist her talents to provide much more improved content. Your support is crucial to whether we are able to include her exceptional talents as a professional software engineer, as well as her talents in art, music, and sound engineering.
  • Continue development of my team’s indie game. This will be my team’s greatest achievement in game development so far, once it is done. When it gets far enough along for formal announcements, you will be the first to know.

As you can see, there are a lot of goals! Thank you so much for supporting me and my team. Your support keeps the content available and helps us improve the content over time.

Finally, remember, only you can build your dreams!

Your adventuring companion,


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