August 2018 Update

Hi all!

Thank you for your support this month! It means a lot to me!

I just wanted to update you on how things are going. As you may know, I’m preparing for an important “in real life” test. I expect to be done with it by the end of August, and then I plan to get back to posting new content each month.

Minecraft is still next on the to-do list, as the Minecraft 1.13 update means that my Structure Generator for the game needs to be updated. My teammate Tartant has been making structures to be included in the pack, as he is my team’s most avid Minecrafter. If you haven’t tried Minecraft, or have been away from it for awhile, the release of my new Structure Generator may be just the spice you needed to get into it.

For BYOND, I will be doing more on the libraries, with your requests helping direct what I focus on.

In RPG Maker MV, my team still has a lot of good work going on. Let me know if you’d like to see more RPG Maker plugins or tutorials.

Again, thank you for your support! It means a lot that you are supporting me and my team, even while I’ve got this busy time prepping for my test!

Remember, only you can build your dreams!


Questions or concerns? Check out the forums to ask a question. You may even find an answer there, already!

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