Tile Control for RPG Maker MV

Change tiles dynamically during gameplay!

Great for farming, secret passages, making water or lava flow, mining, enemies that break walls, placing furniture, etc!


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Tile Control MV Download Links

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Download v4.0
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Tile Control v4.0 for RPG Maker MV

Dec. 4, 2021, by McKathlin

  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug that was keeping A5 tiles from being placed properly when written in the form Ax,y.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash on plugin command calling for a Tile ID from an absent tile sheet. Now a warning is logged instead.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug that kept the map from loading properly in some projects. Thanks to Cris Litvin for reporting this issue and helping us debug!
Download v3.1
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Tile Control v3.1 for RPG Maker MV

July 12, 2020, by Tyruswoo

  • New Feature: This update adds the ability to use relative coordinates! In this way, you can cause tile changes without needing to know the exact coordinate, which allows for even more dynamic tile changes! Also, you can use new commands for filling just the borders of areas, including filling only based on region!
  • New Feature: The new fill commands make it easier than ever to have flowing water or other dynamic changes in autotiles, all condensed down to a single plugin command that knows where tile changes should flow next, based on the region you’ve selected!
Download v2.0
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Tile Control v2.0 for RPG Maker MV

April 19, 2020, by Tyruswoo

  • New Feature: It is now easier than ever to place the desired tile! There are a few new ways to indicate which tile you want to be placed!
  • New Feature: This update also fixes the bugs in Tile Control v1.00! Now, any tile can be placed, including autotiles, and the correct autotile shape will be calculated. You can still place an exact tile, if desired.
Download v1.00
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Tile Control v1.00 for RPG Maker MV

Dec. 10, 2019, by Tyruswoo

  • Original Release: Tile Control released for RPG Maker MV!

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