Switchable Text for RPG Maker MZ

Allows a text snippet to vary based on a switch, variable, or party attribute!

Perfect for making your game’s dialogue respond intelligently to the player’s decisions!


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Switchable Text v2.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Aug. 8, 2022, by McKathlin

  • New Feature: Can coordinate with Tyruswoo_EventAI to check a self switch or self variable of any other event anywhere.
  • New Feature: \P[n.attribute] or \N[n.attribute] can insert an actor’s class, nickname, level, or any notetag value.
  • New Feature: New text processing utility codes \an, \UP, and \LOW.
  • Bugfix: In previous versions, a Name Box Window whose switchable text resolved to empty would still show up on screen. Now, an empty name box window always hides.

Switchable Text v1.3 for RPG Maker MZ

July 22, 2022, by McKathlin

  • Compatibility: This version of Switchable Text is fully compatible with the upcoming plugin Tyruswoo_BigChoiceLists.js, regardless of their relative order on the plugin list.

Switchable Text v1.2 for RPG Maker MZ

Sept. 17, 2020, by McKathlin

  • New Feature: Use OPS to switch text based on party size!
  • New Feature: Use OPL to switch text based on party leader attributes!
  • New Feature: Use OPM to switch text based on any party member’s attributes!
  • New Feature: Use PartySize to get the number of the party’s size!
  • New Feature: Use NumWord to change a number to the spelled out word! (Numbers greater than 10 are left as numerals.)
  • New Feature: Use Ordinal to make the ordinal of a number. For example: 1 becomes 1st, 2 becomes 2nd, 3 becomes 3rd, etc.
  • New Feature: Use OrdinalWord to makes the spelled-out ordinal. For example: first, second, third, etc. (Numbers greater than 10 are numerals with a suffix.)

Switchable Text v1.1 for RPG Maker MZ

Sept. 13, 2020, by McKathlin

  • New Feature: Switchable text snippets can now be nested!
  • New Feature: Variables can now be compared to other variables!

Switchable Text v1.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Sept. 3, 2020, by McKathlin

  • Original Release: Switchable Text plugin released for RPG Maker MZ!

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