Follower Control for RPG Maker MZ

Provides greater control of party follower movement!

Allows event commands targeting the “player” to affect any follower of your choosing!

Plus, unlimited followers!


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Follower Control v5.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Dec. 2, 2022, by Tyruswoo

  • New Feature: Introduced Party plugin commands! Save Party, Load Party, Add Party, and Clear Party.
    • Save Party: Save current party as an available party.
    • Load Party: Remove current party, then add a saved party.
    • Add Party: Join current party with a saved party.
    • Clear Party: Remove party. (Be sure to add a party member after using this plugin command.)

Follower Control v4.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Jan. 21, 2022, by McKathlin

  • New Feature: Introduced non-combat followers!
  • New Feature: Introduced notetag for always-stepping Actors!
  • New Feature: New plugin commands, including Follower by Position Variable, Follower by Actor Variable, and Change Actor Stepping!

Follower Control v3.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Sept. 16, 2021, by McKathlin

  • Bugfix: Fixed a major bug affecting loading and saving in some projects. Thanks to Edsephiroth for bringing this to our attention and helping us test, and big thanks to McKathlin for fixing it!
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in which it was possible to select an absent follower. (Followers always technically exist, even if there is no associated actor. If there is no actor, the follower is absent/invisible.) This bug manifested when the player had a small party, and a follower was selected that was less than the Max Party Size but greater than the current party size. This “absent” follower still exists, but does not have an associated actor and therefore no image. If Show Balloon Icon or Show Animation was used, then the balloon icon or animation would appear at the location where the “absent” follower is located. Note: This is similar to the bugfix in Follower Control v2.2 for RPG Maker MV. Big thanks to Lei-Yan for bringing this bug to our attention!

Follower Control v1.3 for RPG Maker MZ

Sept. 12, 2020, by Tyruswoo

  • Bugfix: Now, if a follower is selected, and the follower does not exist, the leader is no longer selected; instead, the non-existent follower is selected. Therefore, eventing intended for a follower that is not present will have no effect, instead of affecting the party leader.
  • Integration Improvement: Added the Tyruswoo.FollowerControl.follower() function, which allows improved compatability with other plugins that may need to access the current valid follower (if available) stored in the Tyruswoo.FollowerControl._follower variable. Plugins that may use this information include Tyruswoo_TileControl and Tyruswoo_CameraControl.
  • Integration Improvement: Changed the method Game_Interpreter.character() to an alias method. This increases the chance of compatibility with other plugins that use the Game_Interpreter.character() method.

Follower Control v1.2 for RPG Maker MZ

Aug 30, 2020, by Tyruswoo

  • Bugfix: Corrected bug in replacement method for the function Game_Interpreter.character(), in which if Tyruswoo.FollowerControl._follower was not defined using the Follower Control plugin, then the first instance of eventing (such as a Transfer Player event) could result in Game_Interpreter.character() returning null instead of returning $gamePlayer. Now, if Tyruswoo.FollowerControl._follower is not yet defined, Game_Interpreter.character() will never use a null value Tyruswoo.FollowerControl._follower, but will instead use $gamePlayer, as is the default behavior for the function.
  • Bugfix: Removed a bug that caused Tyruswoo.FollowerControl._follower to be reverted to $gamePlayer whenever a Game_Interpreter closed. Now, the selected follower is remembered from one event to the next (as long as the player stays in the same map). This also allows the Follower Control plugin to much more easily communicate with other plugins. For example, this allows Tyruswoo_TileControl to use information about the current follower in its plugin commands.

Follower Control v1.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Aug 22, 2020, by Tyruswoo

  • Original Release: Follower Control released for RPG Maker MZ!

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