Day-Night Cycle for RPG Maker MZ

Add a day-night cycle!

This plugin keeps track of time of day as the cycle advances, auto-updates variables and switches based on time of day, and applies screen tones to areas marked as outdoors!

Also, add lighting presets to your maps!


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Day-Night Cycle MZ Download Links

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Download v2.0

Day-Night Cycle v2.0 for RPG Maker MZ

June 13, 2022, by McKathlin

  • New Feature: Optional blood moon! Periodically, one night will have unusual lighting, and signal its presence with a distinct switch.
  • New Feature: “Reset Lighting” plugin command! Allows tinting the screen back to whichever lighting the map would use, based on the lighting notetag in the map’s note. (Useful if cutscenes or other events tinted the screen!)
  • New Feature: “Use Lighting Preset” plugin command! Allows tinting the screen to any lighting preset defined in the plugin parameters, using a lighting keyword.
Download v1.1

Day-Night Cycle v1.1 for RPG Maker MZ

Dec. 24, 2021, by McKathlin

  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where auto-variable and auto-switch values were referencing the previous time change instead of the current time.
Download v1.0
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Day-Night Cycle v1.0 for RPG Maker MZ

June 12, 2021, by McKathlin

  • Original Release: Day-Night Cycle plugin released for RPG Maker MZ!

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