Big Choice Lists for RPG Maker MZ

Now your Show Choices lists can include as many choices as you like!

Choices can appear next to the message window, across from the message window, or in the default side position.

You can even generate choice lists from a list of switches, based on whether the switches are on or off!

Works great on its own, and also works with McKathlin’s Switchable Text plugin to show or hide choices based on a switch or variable.


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Big Choice Lists v1.0 for RPG Maker MZ

Mar. 10, 2023, code by McKathlin, designed by Tyruswoo

  • Original Release: Big Choice Lists plugin released for RPG Maker MZ!
  • New Feature: Combine multiple Show Choices commands to make a long choice list!
  • New Feature: Display multi-column choice lists!
  • New Feature: Fully compatible with Switchable Text.
  • New Feature: List Switches plugin command filters by switch state.