Screenshot Snapper Plugin v1.0.1 for MZ

Hey RPG Makers!

With this Screenshot Snapper plugin, you can save your screenshots to a folder of your choice within your project!

Take Pixel Perfect Screenshots!

Screenshots will always be pixel perfect! You can also change the following settings for your screenshots:

  • Choose the folder where your screenshots are saved!
  • Choose which keyboard button you use to take screenshots!

By default, the Print Screen button is used to save screenshots, and the screenshots are saved to a “screenshots” folder in your project.

Showcase Your Game!

You can create magnificent images of your project easily with this Screenshot Snapper plugin!

Download Screenshot Snapper Plugin MZ

How to Install

  1. Download the file, and unzip it.
  2. Make sure the unzipped file is named Tyruswoo_ScreenshotSnapper.js and is saved as a .js file.
  3. Open the file folder of your project. Place the file in your project’s “js” folder, within the “plugins” folder.
  4. Open your project in RPG Maker MZ, then go to the Tools menu and select Plugin Manager. Use the Plugin Manager to add and activate the plugin.
  5. I recommend you place this plugin toward the bottom of your plugin list, so it has high priority.

Example Screenshots!

Here are a few examples of screenshots taken with the Screenshot Snapper plugin! Note that images shown on this website may sacrifice some quality in order to load more quickly. However, screenshots taken with this plugin will be pixel perfect.

Using the Print Screen key (or another button of your choosing), you can save screenshots of your RPG Maker MZ game!

Using the Print Screen key (or another button of your choosing), you can save screenshots of your RPG Maker MZ game!

This screenshot was taken using the Screenshot Snapper plugin for RPG Maker MZ!

This screenshot was taken using the Screenshot Snapper plugin for RPG Maker MZ!

This screenshot was also taken using the Screenshot Snapper plugin for RPG Maker MZ!

This screenshot was also taken using the Screenshot Snapper plugin for RPG Maker MZ!

How to Make Your RPG Maker MZ Game Widescreen

Note that if you want widescreen screenshots like these, you will need to go to your game’s Database > System 2 tab, and change your game’s screen width to 1104 pixels. Keep the screen height at 624 pixels.

Help Documentation

Tyruswoo Screenshot Snapper plugin for RPG Maker MZ
v1.0, released 9/12/2020
Basics of how to use this plugin:
1. Make sure you have the plugin installed and active in the Plugin Manager.
2. Begin playtesting, then press the Screenshot Button to save a screenshot!
-- By default, the Print Screen keyboard key is the Screenshot Button.
-- By default, screenshots will be saved to a "screenshots" folder within your project. (If the screenshots folder does not exist, it will be created when you snap your first screenshot.)
Filename structure:
When you snap a new screenshot, it is saved in the Screenshots Folder you have chosen. The name of the file includes numbers representing the following components:
- Year: YYYY
- Month: MM
- Date (Day of Month): DD
- Hour: hh
- Minute: mm
- Second: ss
- Millisecond: ttt
- Timestamp: Timestamp
When the above components are pieced together, the filename will appear as follows:
  YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss-ttt Timestamp
This structure ensures that every screenshot is saved with a unique filename, and screenshots are always organized chronologically, with earliest screenshots first in the folder, followed by screenshots snapped later.
Note: The timestamp is the number of milliseconds since "Epoch time." Epoch time is Jan. 1, 1970, at 00:00:00 Universal Time (UTC). This is a time standard often used in computing, including JavaScript, which is the coding language used by RPG Maker.
Plugin parameters:
Screenshots Folder
- This is the folder (directory) where your screenshots will be saved. By default, screenshots are saved in a "screenshots" folder found inside your game's project folder. You can change the name of the folder where screenshots are saved. You can even use subfolders!
- screenshots
- screenshots/subfolder
- screenshots/subfolder/deeper-subfolder
- screenshots/subfolder/Screenshots From Full Playthrough
- screenshots/subfolder/Screenshots From Playtesting Cheat Mode!
- screenshots/current-year
- Screenshots with Uppercase S
- img/screenshots
You may like to use subfolders to organize your screenshots by time or purpose for which they were taken. Note that forward slashes (and backslashes) will be interpreted as dividing between folders and subfolders. You can use spaces, if you like. You can even use special characters (though this is not recommended and may cause bugs on some operating systems).
Screenshot Button
- You can select the keyboard button you want to use to take screenshots! By default, pressing the "Print Screen" button will save a screenshot. Several other button options are available, including the Numpad + key or the p, i, or s key. Or, you can use a keycode to use any keyboard key! To use a keycode, you must select the "Use Keycode" option, then enter in the number of the JavaScript keycode for the button.
List of keycodes:
8: Backspace
9: Tab
13: Enter
16: Shift
17: Ctrl
18: Alt
19: Pause/Break
20: Caps Lock
27: Esc
33: Page Up
34: Page Down
35: End
36: Home
37: Left Arrow
38: Up Arrow
39: Right Arrow
40: Down Arrow
44: Print Screen
45: Insert
46: Delete
48: 0 or )
49: 1 or !
50: 2 or at symbol
51: 3 or #
52: 4 or $
53: 5 or %
54: 6 or ^
55: 7 or &
56: 8 or *
57: 9 or (
65: A
66: B
67: C
68: D
69: E
70: F
71: G
72: H
73: I
74: J
75: K
76: L
77: M
78: N
79: O
80: P
81: Q
82: R
83: S
84: T
85: U
86: V
87: W
88: X
89: Y
90: Z
91: Left WinKey
92: Right WinKey
93: Select/Menu
96: NumPad 0
97: NumPad 1
98: NumPad 2
99: NumPad 3
100: NumPad 4
101: NumPad 5
102: NumPad 6
103: NumPad 7
104: NumPad 8
105: Numpad 9
106: Numpad *
107: NumPad +
109: NumPad -
110: NumPad .
111: NumPad /
112: F1
113: F2
114: F3
115: F4
116: F5
117: F6
118: F7
119: F8
120: F9
121: F10
122: F11
123: F12
144: Num Lock
145: Scroll Lock
186: ; or :
187: = or +
188: , or <
189: - or _
190: . or >
191: / or ?
192: ` or ~
219: [ or {
220: or |
221: ] or }
222: ' or "
Show Menu Button on Map
- By default, this is false, so that when you take screenshots of the map, the menu button is absent from the screenshot. This helps your screenshots look even better! However, if you want to see the menu button in your screenshots, you can set this to true.
Version History:
v1.0: 9/12/2020
- Screenshot Snapper released for RPG Maker MZ!
Alternate Screenshot Method:
Tip: You can get screenshots without this plugin, but the screenshots have several idiosyncracies and drawbacks.
How to get a screenshot without using this plugin:
1. When you are in a game or window and press the "Print Screen" key on the keyboard, a screenshot may be automatically copied to the clipboard.
2. You can then open any image editor (such as Paint or GIMP) and press Ctrl+V to paste the image!
Idiosyncracies and drawbacks of screenshots obtained without this plugin:
- The image obtained this way will include the window, if obtained while the game was in a window.
- If obtained while the game is fullscreen, the screenshot will include the full image (including black side edges, depending on the size of your screen).
- This kind of screenshot often is not pixel perfect.
- This kind of screenshot may require manual cropping with an art program.
- Images obtained this way cannot remove the menu button in the corner of the image.
In nearly all cases, using this plugin will result in the preferred screenshot appearance. However, in cases where seeing the window itself is desired, this alternate method for obtaining screenshots may be useful.

Enjoy using the Screenshot Snapper plugin to take screenshots in your RPG Maker game!


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