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Warm Fuzzy

$ 10
  • Video Tutorial Courses
  • Discord Role
  • Forums & Comments
  • Priority Support

Warm Fuzzy

$ 10
  • Video Tutorial Courses
  • Discord Role
  • Forums & Comments
  • Priority Support
All information on this form is private, with the exception of your username.

Your username cannot be changed, and will be your public display name in the forums. Please ensure you include any desired capitalization.

After you have joined, members will be able to send you messages in the forums using the @ symbol. For example, a message can be sent to the username Tyruswoo using @tyruswoo.

All memberships come with a 1-month money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, send me a direct message within 30 days, and I will refund your most recent payment, no questions asked.

Priority Support

The Tyruswoo Team will do our best to make sure the content is working for your project. We have high standards that ensure the greatest chance of compatibility with content by other creators. For fast support, please submit your question or concern at the Forums. You may even find an answer there already! For live text chat support, please join my Discord channel. Become a member at the Warm Fuzzy level or higher to receive priority support!

Forums & Comments

The Forums are a great place to share game design techniques, submit suggestions for improvements, and contribute to the community! You can find answers to your questions, and can ask a new question it hasn't been answered, yet. You can also view comments on my blog posts, and write your own comments. Participation in a community of game designers is one of the greatest assets of membership at the Warm Fuzzy level and higher!

Discord Role

Discord is voice and text chat software for gamers—and in our case, for game designers. The Tyruswoo Team and community use Discord to stay in touch and share our daily adventures in game design! When you become a member at the Warm Fuzzy level or higher, you will receive a link to my Discord server. You will also receive a Discord role based on your membership level!

Video Tutorial Courses

My tutorial courses describe technical aspects of game design, making complex tasks seem easy! By following these courses, you can get in on the game development action, even if you have no coding experience! Basic and advanced tutorials are available for members of the Warm Fuzzy level or higher. Videos are first published on my Blog, and organized in my Portfolio. For immediate access to all my courses, join now as a Warm Fuzzy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my address required?

Address information allows me to comply with tax requirements. For tax purposes, only the country and state/province are required.

If you do not want to provide a street address, just type a single character (such as a single space) into address line 1, which will allow you to sign up without entering your street address.

In the future, I also may use address information to send thank-you cards or physical rewards, particularly for high membership levels. There is currently no guarantee of receiving a thank-you card or physical reward in the mail.

Do you store my payment data? relies on secure payment tokens or ids when creating and managing your membership. No credit card or other payment information is stored on, with the exception of the last 4 digits and expiration date. This allows me to send you a reminder when your credit card is expiring.

My secure payment processors include Stripe and PayPal. Choose whichever you would like to process your payments.

Can I upgrade my membership later?


When you upgrade your membership, you will pay the difference in price between your previous membership and your new membership, for the first month. Then, you will pay the full price of the new membership each subsequent month.

Can I cancel or downgrade my membership?

Yes, you can cancel or downgrade your membership at any time.

After you cancel, you will no longer be charged, unless you sign up again for a membership.

If you decide to cancel, you can go to your account page and cancel from there.

If I cancel or downgrade my membership, can I continue using the downloads?

Yes, if you have downloaded any content (such as plugins) included as part of your previous membership, you can continue using the content you have downloaded.

You can use any downloaded content for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Just credit “Tyruswoo” or the “Tyruswoo Team”. See the Terms for details.

What is Discord, and how do I access the Discord server?

Discord is live voice and text chat, which allows members to communicate directly with each other and with the Tyruswoo Team.

Once you have joined at the Warm Fuzzy level or higher, your member account page will have a link to the Tyruswoo Discord server.

Why do you ask for my Discord username?

By entering your Discord username, I am able to identify you in the Discord server and give you your Discord role. Your Discord role will match your membership level.

To find your username, open Discord and click on your profile image. Copy and paste this name+number into the text field above.

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