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The Tyruswoo Team will do our best to make sure the content is working for your project! We have high standards that ensure the greatest chance of compatibility with content by other creators. For fast support, please submit your question or concern at the Forums. You may even find an answer there already! You can also email the Tyruswoo Team at Become a member to receive priority support!

Forums & Comments

The Forums are a great place to share game design techniques, submit suggestions for improvements, and contribute to the community! You can find answers to your questions, and can ask a new question it hasn’t been answered, yet. You can also view comments on my blog posts, and write your own comments. Participation in a community of game designers is one of the greatest assets of membership!

Join Tyruswoo Minecraft Server 5-pack!

Design Counselors can join and bring 4 friends to join the Tyruswoo Minecraft Server hosted by the Tyruswoo Team! We play survival on the latest release of Minecraft, running the latest version of the Game Changer, Mob Transformer, and Structure Generator! Experience procedurally generated dungeons that challenge your Minecraft skills! Make faster minecart rails than you’ve ever seen before, and craft copper chainmail that resists poison and the wither effect! There is also creative mode available, where we build new structures for the Structure Generator!

Pro Plugins and Updates!

Members of the Design Counselor level gain access to all Tyruswoo Team plugins and code libraries! We update and improve our plugins regularly, including new downloads! You may use the downloads for commercial use, if you like. No credit is necessary after you have contributed financially. See our Terms of Use for details. For immediate access to all our plugins, join now as a Design Counselor!

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my payment and data?

We use the best security for our website. This includes SSL encryption verified by Let’s Encrypt, and WordFence Premium to protect all user data on our website.

The Stripe option and PayPal option are both secure. If you do not want to enter your payment information into the form on our site, please select the PayPal option.

Where is my payment information stored?

All payment information is processed and stored by Stripe or Paypal.

The Tyruswoo Team does not keep payment information in our site’s database, except for the expiration date and last 4 digits of your credit card, so we can send you a reminder when your credit card is expiring.

Do you offer a free trial?

So much of our content is available for free! Our blog articles, videos, and courses are all free, you so can learn everything we know, at no charge!

Our professionally designed plugins are premium. We provide the full help text details, so you can make an informed decision about whether the plugins are suitable for your projects.

The Tyruswoo Minecraft Server is premium. We provide videos and information about our server to help you decide when you would like to join.

Do you offer refunds?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your membership, send a message to within 30 days of your purchase, and we will send you a refund, no questions asked! (Please note that this will also cancel your membership subscription.)

For the yearly membership, will my membership price stay the same, even if the publicly displayed price increases?

Yes! If you purchase a yearly membership, the price will always remain the same as long as your subscription remains active. Be sure to keep your payment information accurate and up-to-date so that your membership subscription stays active at the same price.

If your membership expires due to non-payment (such as an expired credit card), you will need to join again at the new membership price.

So for the lifetime membership, I never have to pay again?

Yes! If you are a lifetime member, you never have to pay again for content for your membership level. Your lifetime membership never expires!

For the lifetime membership, will I have access to new content released later?

Yes! Lifetime members always have access to any new content released for their membership level. For example, if you are a Lifetime Design Counselor, when new plugins are released, you will already have access!

Can I upgrade my membership later?


For example, if you are a Yearly Design Counselor, you can upgrade to the Lifetime Design Counselor membership at any time. You will be charged the prorated amount, depending on the amount of time you have had the yearly membership.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership by logging in to your Membership Dashboard.

Welcome, Adventurer!

For RPG Maker plugins, what are your terms of use?

You agree to not redistribute our plugins. If someone wants our plugins, you agree to direct them to our website.

You may use our plugins for commercial or non-commercial projects.

Crediting us is awesome, but not required. If you would like to credit us, please credit “Tyruswoo and McKathlin” or the “Tyruswoo Team” for the plugins. Likewise, listing which of our plugins you used is greatly appreciated, but not required.

Giving us a free copy of your game is awesome, but not required.

For more details, please see our Terms of Use.

For the Tyruswoo Minecraft Server, what are your terms of use?

The Tyruswoo Minecraft Server is a family-friendly server. Children play on our server. Vulgarity, profanity, etc, may result in being permanently banned from the server.

Hacking, client-based mods, duplication glitches, and other forms of cheating are strictly forbidden, and will result in being permanently banned from the server. Purposefully creating lag machines may also result in being banned from the server.

Mild griefing is permitted, only to the extent that would occur with a good-natured prank, or what would occur if a child got access to your base. This means it is permitted for someone to take items from any chest they find.

For more details, please see our Terms of Use.

What is your privacy policy?

We take extensive measures to keep your data private. We never share your data with any analytics engine, and we never share your data with advertisers. As a membership business, we work entirely for you, directly. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

How can I change my username?

If you would like to change your username, please send a message to

How can I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account, including deleting all your data on, please send a message to using the email address associated with your account, and ask for your account to be deleted. Please note that this will result in your membership subscription ending and all your data being deleted from, after which there will be no option to recover the data.

Welcome, Adventurer!

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